Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

We wanted to take this chance to wish everyone a Happy Easter! We look forward to being together to celebrate Resurrection Sunday and give thanks with our family for the miracles God has performed in our lives. We pray these pictures will remind you of God's provision for our family. They show Brady before surgery, in the days after, a picture with Dr. Laquaglia, and a few since we have been home. We got a surprise call today from the Easter bunny who wanted to come and visit us! The kids were just in awe and we had a wonderful time! THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY! Brady of course was the least afraid, he snuggled right up to that bunny and never really let go! Precious memories for sure. Brady is stunning us with his recovery. Other than being tired a few times, he played today like any other day. He walked behind a push toy for over an hour! At one point this morning he stood up next to me, let go of my shoulder, and just started dancing! Imagine that we were supposed to be in the hospital for at least another week or two!

As far as what is next, we have to go back to NYC for a quick surgical follow up in 2 weeks. Then we will repeat the CAT scans in 4-6 weeks. We are not sure if we will do those locally, or at Sloan. The NB doctor we spoke to on Friday told us that in most cases like Brady's, no further treatment will be necessary! If that is the case, we would then be in a monitoring phase where scans every few months would be required. So, the waiting and journey continue. For today, let us all look to God and be in awe of His grace and goodness! Happy Easter!


  1. Tears of happiness sting my eyes! You truly have a fighter on your hands. Way to go Brady! Happy Easter!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I am so glad you are all together for the celebration. Have a great and glorious Easter! Our prayers remain constant for continued recovery for Brady and continued provision for you all.

  3. Happy Easter! What an honor it has been to pray for Brady and your family. It is wonderful to be able to celebrate with you today. I understand there is more waiting and more scans/tests to do (I have a friend who's daughter had NB) but today we will celebrate!!!
    Many hugs and much love to you guys. We will speak of Brady tomorrow during our Easter meal and talk of your miracle along with our chatting about the miracle of Jesus.
    Thanks again for the update and for sharing the photos! I will be back to show the kids them tomorrow. They are currently asleep in bed waiting for Easter Morning :)

  4. Easter blessings, Williams Fam! :o)

  5. Meg and Matt and extended families,

    God Bless all of you on this very special day. Thank you for including us in this journey and remember we will not stop praying through the waiting journey.

    Enjoy your Easter celebration together,
    Love, Deb R.

  6. Walking for over an hour w/a push toy, dancing???!!!! My Lord amazes me!! It's so good to see you as a family, and how adorable is the bunny w/ the kids? Too cute! Can I tell you that it tickles me to see pics of the kids in the house looking out, it's so funny! Have yourself a spectaculiar day, and squeeze those babies of yours, and continue to find thanks in the poopy diapers, the terrible twos, etc... I think the worse is behind you, you can conquer anything now. And seeing the remarkable progress of Brady, just know that God's arm is not short, He's answered over and beyond your expectations, and there's no reason to believe you can't ever have what you ask for in His name. Love to all six of you tonight and always. Our hearts are forever near you Sweet Brady...

  7. Megan and Matt,
    What a true Blessing that your entire family will be together on Resurrection Sunday, celebrating and making memories together!!

    Brady is amazing!! Our Lord is amazing!! To think that Brady should still be in the hospital, that he should still be there for weeks....and yet he is home with his family, walking behind push toys, dancing! Oh, I just praise God!!

    Our family prays for you and wishes you a wonderful Easter!

    God Bless!

  8. God bless you all! I have cried and prayed and am so happy now to see things going well for Brady and his clan!

  9. Great pictures, I'm thrilled with the news! Happy Easter to all!
    Love, Ellen

  10. Just looking at how far Brady has come along makes my heart sing with joy. Pam xx

  11. Happy Easter to all of you! I can only imagine how happy and grateful you are to be celebrating Resurrection Sunday with your family. Brady's testimony is proof that JESUS REIGNS!

  12. I just wanted to say that I just found your blog, and I am adding your beautiful son to our prayer list. What a beautiful testimony. Bless you.


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