Thursday, April 30, 2009

First PT Appointment and Blog Contest!!!!

After a little bit of chaos this morning, Brady and I arrived in Henrietta for his first PT appointment at exactly 8:30am. At the last minute before leaving I remembered that Dr. L had given me a letter saying Brady was cleared for PT. Long story short, I couldn't find the letter and it took me 15 minutes to not find it. Then I forgot my gas tank was empty! After a quick stop for gas we were on our way. We actually went to an Al Sigl Center that houses center based programs for children with disabilities. We met with Linda a wonderful and kind PT who worked with us for close to 2 hours. She didn't know much about Brady other than he was suspected of having CP at one point, that we later found out it was cancer, and that he had two surgeries. I think she was quite surprised to see our hero Brady crawling, standing (he didn't attempt walking), and cruising around like a champ! I have to say that it has been a while since I have told "our story" to someone from the beginning. Doing so caused me to really reflect on the scope of the past three months while driving home. As I looked in the rear view mirror at his sweet, sleeping face, I couldn't help but tear up as I thought about what my child has endured. All the pain, scary moments, new faces...yet he still trusts me, he still loves to explore his world, he still giggles. God is so good to have protected his innocence despite all that has happened.

Anyway, back to PT. It looks like he will have two sessions a week for 30 minutes each. She wasn't even sure he would qualify given how well he is doing, but after scoring the test, he will qualify. I'm glad to have a specific time set aside to focus on catching Brady up! He deserves that one on one time.

On a lighter note, I have made it to the top ten in the Mother of All Bloggers Contest!!! The top ten was chosen by a panel of judges. The next part of the contest is from now until May 6th. The winner will be chosen by people who go to the website and VOTE!!! I don't believe that you need to be a member of momlogic to vote. You can either:
1. Go to the Mother of All Bloggers icon to the right, click on it, and then find the Steps for Brady logo and vote.
2. Or go to and vote that way!

Please pass this info on to anyone that you think would be willing to vote! I'm so excited to think of all who will be reading about Brady and learning about NB! Thanks for all of your help in getting me this far in the contest!


  1. Congratulations! Love your Blog, and pray for Brady every day! I'll vote now :)

  2. Oh, I love you Meg! You poor sweet thing, you, Matt, and especially Brady never deserved any of this! I know all he's known is pain, fear and frustration these past few months, but can you imagine when he's much older having him ask about the scars on his back and why they are there b/c it will have become a part of his past, and pain he WON'T be able to identify with at that point! Just hold on...better days are ahead. There will be a day with no pain, and you will tell him of this miraculous story because he's not going to remember it!! You are both such loving, giving parents THANK GOD HE GAVE BRADY TO YOU to care for. Sleep well in His peace that surpasses ALL understanding!!

  3. I went to vote and it told me I already had? That was the first time you posted about it. Does that mean we can't do it again? I love the post of Brady walking it's so wonderful to see him walk after everything he has been through! I would like to do a post on my blog about him if it's o.k. with you, to help Spread the word and his story!

  4. Wow, great news all around!! Glad to hear the PT went well and CONGRATULATIONS on making the top ten!! :o)

  5. hugs sweetie! No one should ever have too go through this.

    Congrats on being a finalist. I voted. I also blogged about it this am. Hopefully that will bring you more votes. =D

  6. Yay Congrats on making the top 10! I check your blog everyday! and it amazes me how much Brady can do now! God Bless you and your family! =)

    ~Hudson's Mommy~ Crys

  7. Megan you got my vote. I am glad Brady is doing so well. He will be running before you know it, and then you will barely remember his slow start. Our prayers continue daily


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