Wednesday, April 8, 2009



10:30 AM Good morning all! Sorry I didn't post until now. I went back to the Ronald again last night (thank you to my sweet hubby) and didn't feel like carrying the computer bag all that way. Brady had a good night. Matt had him propped to his left side so that the swelling on his right side could go down. It seems to have gone down and even his eye looks better. He ate a good breakfast. We are waiting for the okay from Dr. L to remove the chest tube. This is a tough thing for Brady to have to endure, so we are praying that it is as quick as possible. They will also remove the catheter at that time, so he will be free from tubes (other than his Broviac). We are expecting a visit from the Easter bunny sometime this morning (of course I'll take pictures)...

11:40AM We just had our Easter bunny visit. We woke Brady from a dead sleep just so he could meet the bunny. It was a huge brown bunny and it came walking around the curtain. Brady just stared at it. The bunny was very gentle and started touching Brady's nose and cheeks. Brady just stuck out his little chin and nose so the bunny could pet him. It was so precious. When the bunny would stop, Brady would stick out his chin again to get the bunny to keep petting him. We got him to put his ears on too! Now he is back to sleep:)

1:25pm The chest tube and catheter are out. It was awful, I'm not going to lie. Brady screamed throughout and we had to hold him down. They can't sedate him to do it because he has to breate deeply while it comes out, so crying is a good thing during the procedure. Add this to the list of things children (and mommies) shouldn't have to endure! Brady is down for an XRAY now. Hopefully now that all the tubes are out he can play. The only thing left is the hydration that is going in through his tubies. We are encouraging him to eat/drink more so that can come out soon.

7:30 Brady has had a rough afternoon. He is very out of sorts and agitated. They stopped the major pain meds and have him on doses of Tordol (sp?). That wasn't cutting it so we added Oxicodone orally. He seems to be a little better now. We unhooked him for a while and took him on a wheelchair ride through the unit. We stopped by the playroom and tried to encourage him to sit and play. He really wasn't interested so we will try again tomorrow. There are great occupational and physically therapists here who are attempting to working with him each day. Please be praying for Brady's comfort and for no infection.


  1. Oh that is such good news. Jodi's been waiting and waiting to hear. Praying he will be tubie free! And praying the eye corrects itself, we didn't pray for another problem, so we are trusting God to clear it up! Is he talking to you or is he out of it most of the time??? Hope the Easter bunny cheers him up lots and lots!! Hope today is better for you buddy. love to you all

  2. Been checking all day for updates! If I lived nearby I would stop by and give your boy a big hug!

  3. Aw so cute! What a beautiful little boy he is!

  4. I cried at the sweetness of your little boy sticking his chin out for the Easter bunny.
    Wishing you contined blessings.

  5. Hi Brady, peace dude. Jesus take your cancer away...AMEN!!

    words from a 3yr old to an almost 2yr old...

  6. How adorable! He looks so big to me in these pictures! I am glad with each day he is feeling stronger and growing more of his appetite back. Thanks for the update!

  7. Oh good! I cant imagine how you felt having to hold your baby down. I think I would be screaming with him. So glad he seems to be doing SO well though! Go Brady!!!!

  8. Megan,
    Brady couldn't be any cuter!! Love that he wanted the Easter bunny to continue petting him!! How precious!!
    So sorry it was hard for Brady and Mommy during the chest tube and cath removal. Thankfully that part is behind you guys and you can keep on truckin!!
    We keep praying!


  9. What a sweetie! It must have been adorable to see him lifting that chin! :o) Sorry the removal was rough, but it's good that they are out. One step at a time--you are making it through this arduous process!! Go Team Williams! :o)


  10. Sounds like today was a better day. We will continue to pray for good days.

  11. Oh, that is just so sweet that he kept sticking out his little chin for the bunny...preciousness!! I saw the photo before I read, and I was thinking that Brady just did not like the look of that big bunny! lol

    I'm sorry it was so difficult with the removal of the tubes, as a parent it was probably hard to watch. But you guys have been through so much, so to see him recovering so well is a true blessing!

    Continuing to check up on Brady, and praying hard!

  12. What a beautiful and sweet boy! I've been checking in daily to see how his progress is and praying for Brady's speedy recovery. so glad that there is light during these tough times. What a precious story about the bunny visiting and Brady's response to him. We continue to pray for strenght and healing for Brady and your family.

  13. Megan, I've been keeping up with Brady via your blog since you posted his story on TC. Wanted you to know we added your button to our family blog, so you've got more prayers coming Brady's way. All thebest to you and your family. --Amy, mom to a 6 y/o and 10 mo old triplets daughters.

  14. Meg and Matt,
    What beautiful pics! I will focus my prayers for his healing and comfort!

    Peace within your hearts,
    Deb R.

  15. He does look adorable. I still want to give him a hug. Glad the tubes are out....sorry that they were not painless to remove. Will continue to pray for his comfort and for no infection. Thanks so much for the updates.

    Many hugs,

  16. Poor Bubba. And to top it off he probably doesn't understand. That would be the toughest part for me. You're doing a great job Mom and Dad!!


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