Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday Reports

11:15 am Brady had a good night last night after a rough day. He woke up happy and ready to play with daddy! Unfortunately he needed to have his surgical, chest tube, and Broviac dressing all changed. That equaled about 45 minutes of us holding him down and him screaming. Ughh... But now he is all cleaned up and the dressing on his surgical site should be able to stay on until it falls off. He is now just on a regular dose of Tordol for pain. We can give him Tylenol in addition as needed. His appetite is good as well. After the dressing changes we took him for a wheelchair ride and down to the playroom for PT. He stood holding on to a chair and even bent down to pick up a toy from the floor. What a big boy! Everyone is pleased with his progress. I'm going to ask what the plan is as far as going home. I also want to discuss the cancer treatment and what comes next. Since we have been here we haven't even heard the word cancer, we have only been discussing the surgery. I guess I just need to know where we go from here. That's all for now, I will update later today. We are missing everyone so much...

5:30 Brady had a great afternoon. His pain seems to be really well controlled (just on doses of Tordol). He spent a big part of his day disconnected from the Broviac line. We were able to take walks and play in the playroom. He also had great sessions with PT and OT today. He continues standing holding on to the chair, bend to pick things up, and sit independently. Everyone is saying that his recovery is remarkable. Right now we are visitng with Katie who is married to my cousin. They live in's so nice to see a familiar face. Tomorrow a friend of mine from Jackson school is going to meet me for breakfast as she is in town visiting her daughter.

We asked one of the doctors when she thought we would go home. She told us she would give us a better idea tomorrow. We are still waiting to hear from the oncology team.


  1. So glad Brady is doing so well today!!!!!

  2. Love to hear he woke up happy and he's improving every minute:) What a trooper!
    Miss you all, see ya soon

  3. Glad he's feeling better today!


  4. It sounds like Brady is doing awesome! I hope you get all your questions answered and you can be home with your family for Easter! Miss you guys like crazy! hugs xoxoxoxo

  5. Oh, I am SO happy to hear today is going well, aside from those difficult 45 min.

    Continuing to pray throughout the day for complete healing.

  6. Hoping and praying that Brady continues to have a great day!!

    I am so impressed that after having such a serious surgery that this little guy is bending and picking up toys!! You go Brady!! We are cheering for you buddy!!

    I am sure that you are anxious to "know" what the next steps are!! I know I would be!! Sending prayers that you will get answers and a plan of action soon!!

    Praying that you guys will be home soon with your family and friends!


  7. Glad to hear it is going so well. Prayers will continue from here.


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