Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please Pray for Our Friends

Not too much to report today. We had another day spending time with daddy. I got to go to dinner with my best bud which is always a treat:)

Since I don't have an awful lot to say tonight about Brady (who by the way continues to do great!), I want to ask for prayer for 3 specific people I met in NY. Please pray for these children and their families:

Ben: He was our amazing roomate for Brady's 3 1/2 day recovery on the pediatric unit. He is in his early 20's and has Ewing's Sarcoma. He is a Christian and he had the most genuine, caring, compassionate spirit of any young man I've ever met. He was quite sick from the chemo he was receiving, but constantly worrying about how he was bothering Brady (which he never was!). He had this cancer in his midteens, but beat it. Now he has relasped. His doctors in NC told him there was nothing they could do to fight the tumors throughout his pelvis, other than amputate his entire lower body. His father found a doctor at Sloan who could take out the massive tumor and offer him a good prognosis using chemotherapy. Please pray for Ben, a person in the prime of his life fighting this terrible disease. He has some orthapedic issues as well because of the cancer, and we are praying for complete healing for Ben. He has SO much to offer the world!

Eli: Eli is a 5 year old little boy from Iowa. I met his dad Aaron in the online world right after Brady's diagnosis and he has been a great friend to us every since. Eli has been battling Stage IV Neuroblastoma for almost two years. He and his dad spend many many weeks away from home in order to seek treatment at Sloan. Eli has endured so much in the way of treatment, chemo, radiation, surgeries...He has a contagious, enegergetic spirit. Please pray that that the treatment he is receiving will provide complete healing for Eli.

Nathaniel: Nathaniel is an 17 month old boy from California. I also met his mom Gillian in the online world as he and Brady has SO many similarities. He also has Stage III NB with spinal involvement. He had an emergency laminectomy on the day of his diagnosis because the tumor was compressing his spinal cord, just like Brady's. He and his parents are now in NYC awaiting surgery with Dr. Laquaglia tomorrow morning. We are praying for Nathaniel's surgery to be a success and that the surgery will be the final step in his treatment!

Thank you friends for praying for others fighting this fight. Our trip to NY really opened my eyes to a whole world of suffering children and families. I have not been able to stop thinking about these children and others that we met. It is obvious that this experience has changed me forever. I'm certain that we want to make a difference in the world of neuroblastoma somehow, someday. I'm praying that in time God will show us how we can help other families.


  1. I've said a prayer for each person. You have a great heart, Meg. You will certainly always find MORE ways to help others.

  2. What a wonderful thought to pass along the names of others. You are such sweet people. Will pray for Brady, AND Eli, Ben, and Nathaniel.

  3. We will pray for them as we pray for Brady, thank you for sharing! Hold those babies close, and goodnight!!!
    Love you sweet Brady!

  4. Will be adding all of them to my daily prayers and have already been keeping sweet Nathaniel in mine for his surgery tomorrow.
    Blessings to you all!

  5. I'm so happy for you that Brady is continuing to do well. My prayers are "going up" for all of you. Pam xx

  6. Meg,
    I will add Eli, Ben and Nathaniel to my prayer list. I do believe that God brings us to places to help us see his plan for us. God will guide you to his plan. Sometimes it is a huge step of faith but he will provide for you as you do his will.

    Prayers for all cancer patients as they fight their battle,
    Love, Deb R.

  7. praying for all these young men/boys and their families...

  8. Sorry I haven't written in a while... I am soooo happy about how well Brady is doing and love the pictures with the Easter Bunny. I hope all scans are well as the process of healing continues. I think of you often and you are in my thoughts and prayers. I read the stories of the others you met... when you go on this journey, you realize just how much pediatric cancer is really out there and it is scary and there is so much to be done. Hence... our foundation... trying to help in any way we can...and don't be afraid to ask for help... that is what we do and why we fundraise... to help families going through what you are going through. I will pray for those as asked...the sad news is there are many more... I follow many on various websites, but we have recently heard of a few in our surrounding areas.

    Anyway.. you just take care of Bray and all those other little beauties and if you need anything at all... don't hesitate to call.

    Love and Hope,
    Laurie Napoleone

  9. I just left a note but I will try again... so glad to hear the news about Brady... we are hoping and praying that healing will continue with good news on the scans. I will pray for those as asked... the journey of cancer continues for so many... so many kids affected and suffering. There is so much to be done. I connect every day with families going through these terrible times and just long to help in any way. We need to pray for cures... so many kids and so many types of cancer... I am rambling... sorry.

    Anyway.. prayers for all of you... take care of yourself, Brady and all those little beauties.

    Laurie Napoleone

  10. Hi Megan,
    I recently learned of your story through Jennifer Hubert. Her and I were in a playgroup together with our kids. Apparently, her sister's coworker knew you (or something like that). Not exactly sure of the chain of people, but Jennifer gave me your website address. I have been reading your blogs with tears in my eyes, I can completely relate since my son Andrew also has neuroblastoma. We were originally diagnosed in August 2008. His 2nd birthday was just a couple weeks before. He was (or seemed) completely healthy since birth. We were at the beach the day before. Then he had blood in his diaper. What a shock!!! They thought he had a Wilms tumor first (kidney tumor with much better prognosis) and actually did surgery. The surgeon came out and told us it wasn't Wilms and most likely neuroblastoma. THAT was the worst night of my life. Another shock! We were treated in Buffalo (where we are from) for 3 weeks before transferring to Sloan. We lived in the RMH for 5 months during chemo, radiation, surgery, and 3F8 antibodies. Now, we travel back and forth for scans every 3 months and 3F8s. I just wanted to say hello, and let you know you're not alone in your fight against neuroblastoma. I noticed that you left on the Saturday before Easter, and that's when we flew in. We just missed each other. We are here for 2 weeks for 3F8 and scans. Maybe one of these trips we will cross paths. By the way, we know Eli and Aaron too. If you want to read about Andrew, his website is
    Take care.
    Kim Krolczyk

  11. You are already helping other families!

    I will pray for them and for little Brady!

    Glad you got out a bit!!


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