Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Better Day

We arrived our appointments at 9am. We waited from 9 until 10:45 and then got to see Dr. Laquaglia in between his two surgeries for the day. He basically just started describing the surgery. Within the first minute I heard his say "major, life-threatening surgery." That is the scary part... He will be accessing the tumor from Brady's right side, without having to collapse his lung. The tumor encompasses Brady's aorta as well many nerves to the spine. For that reason they will be monitoring his neural activity with stimulators throughout the procedure. There is a risk for paralysis, but Dr. L said that he has never had it happen. He does about 100 of these types of surgeries a year, 10 of which are chest tumors, and 5 of those ten are like Brady's. The neurosurgeon will come in during the surgery to see if there is anything he can do to get to the small portion left in the spine, but it is not likely. Dr. L said that the small part in the spinal column could just kind of shrivel up at some point after surgery, we might have to do another surgery, or they could decide to just leave it there and watch it. We were very satisfied with this meeting. Although it is obvious just how busy this doctor is, he was kind and patient, answering all of our questions despite the fact that he was on his way back into the operating room. I told him that we have many people praying for him. He said, "Have them pray for Brady, not me." I laughed and told him that we pray for Brady and everyone of "his team."

After that meeting we went and had lunch and then got a call on my cell that the neurologist was "waiting for us." Imagine that, we kept them waiting..ha! She was a very nice doctor who just wanted to assess Brady's functioning before the surgery.

After that appointment we decided to walk to Central Park and do the carriage ride. It was a long walk (of course I didn't have sneakers) but a beautiful day! Brady loved riding in the carriage and had fun saying "Hi lady" or "Hi dude" to the people walking by. His bunny ears on top of the baseball hat got him many smiles:) We are now back in the room getting ready to pack up and head to the airport. I'm going to do Brady's flush, dressing change, and get him ready for bed here so we can just pop him into bed when we get home. He is an amazing boy and we have really enjoyed our special time with him.


  1. Glad you guys had a better day today. Guess that is the drawback to having the best doctor, he is always busy! Have a safe trip back. :) Brady sure looks cute in his bunny ears. hehe

  2. Hey Meg,

    Glad to see you had a little fun today and happy to hear the appointments were smoother!! :) Safe travels home. Enjoy your family time this weekend.


  3. so glad to hear you had a better day! Those ears are adorable!!

  4. Brady-Bunny is so cute! The ears are wonderful. Thanks for posting the pictures. We will be away from a computer for a few days, but will check if at all possible. Many, many prayers are with you all, Dr. L., and his team.
    Anne and Ed

  5. Meg and Matt,
    WOW! What a story! I am so inspired to read today's blog. Your emotions are so up and down and I can't even imagine what that can do to you.
    Enjoy your time home, gather strength from everyone and prepare to do battle again. Your Warriors are here to help you fight the battle of a life time.
    I wear my bracelet with pride as I fight the good fight with prayers and intercessions.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date. The pictures are beautiful.
    Love and prayers for Brady's team,
    Deb R.

  6. Praying praying praying for Brady! :)

    Isn't Central Park awesome!? Love it!

  7. what a blessing of a day for you all...and the pics just warm my heart! you are enjoying your time and focusing on each other! i love that! praying for you all...and the team too!

  8. we are so glad to hear you have met him and have a better picture of what lies ahead. glad to see you had a little leisure time and that you're home as a family. My heart is still heavy for what lies ahead, we feel helpless but know that we have a pretty important job staying here and covering you in prayer 'round the clock' and you can count on that. Give Brady a squeeze from us, and show him collin's picture and remind him collin prays several times each day for him. sleep tight tonight...

  9. That doctor sounds incredible. I am so glad he is living up to expectations so far.

    Thinking of you and praying daily.

  10. Great pictures of your time in the city! Continuing to pray for you all, thank you for sharing.

  11. So glad you had a better day. You look as if you're enjoying yourselves on the carriage ride. xx

  12. The pictures are great. Brady with his baseball cap and bunny ears is just adorable.

    Glad that your second day was better than your first.

  13. Dear Megan, I am a neighbor of your grandma Verona's, and just wanted to write and say how amazing I think you and your whole family is. I am spreading the word about your blog and Brady's story; may there be floods of prayers for you all...and especially precious little Brady.


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