Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turning 2

Just after midnight tonight, my babies turn 2! I'm sad, I'm happy, I'm scared, I'm relieved. AAAHHH!!!

We are having a small party tomorrow night and just trying to soak up all the fun that having three toddlers brings!

For those among you who are sentimental...

This is me, 2 years and 1 week ago at 33 weeks pregnant with triplets...

This is the first picture of me holding all three babies while they were in the NICU about a week after they were born...

One year ago at their first birthday party...

And a picture from today...looking out the window at the world!

I wanted to add this picture I took of Brady's back tonight. The darker scar running down his spine is from his January surgery. On the right side you can see his incision from his recent surgery. The other marks are scars from various drainage tubes. His chest tube scar isn't visible in the picture, it is under his right arm. I have to say that tonight was the first good look that I got of his back since this last surgery. I gasped and just teared up at the sight of my poor baby. This is just another reminder of how amazingly brave Brady is!

I will be sure to share some pictures of the birthday party tomorrow!!!


  1. Oh Megan! Love the pictures! You looked amazing for have 3 babies in there! I too teared up at Brady's back. It's just not fair that any person should have to go through what he has, let alone a little boy. He truly is the bravest little boy I know. When he is an old man someday, those scars will be reminders to him of how special he is and his family is. They will be proof of the power of pray and how dozens and dozens of people have been touched by his story and have prayed for him. Happy Birthday sweet babies!!! You are all miracles! :)

  2. What beautiful pictures. I have to admit I just cry when I see Brady's back. I little boy at two years of age should not have a back with soo many scars. I hate to say it make me shake.

    He is beyond a miracle and so are you.

    God Bless you all.

    I hope the party brings you all some wonderful smiles and magical memories.

    Happy 2nd Birthday!

  3. Wow! Isn't it just amazing how quickly time passes? Hard to believe they were once so small. :o) Two years from now we'll look back at today's pictures and think the same thing. Enjoy the party!!! :o) Happy Birthday, Dolly Children!


  4. Oh my gosh, you looked so much better than I did a week after mine were born! Their 1 year picture is so sweet. And wow, that picture of Brady's back is horrible. No 2 year old should have to look like that. But, it will all be worth it and scars fade!

    Give the triplets big hugs from their triplet friends in Texas!

    Allison and The Lezonlings

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cara, Brady and Eli! I hope you have so much fun at your party. I'm so happy mommy shared those pictures. You guys have grown from tiny little babies into big, strong toddlers!

    Have fun sweethearts!

  6. Please forgive me for tearing up when I look at Brady's back. He is a warrior! A true fighter! Happy Birthday Babies! Two years old!

  7. Love the pics. I am 34 weeks right now and I cannot IMAGINE carrying 3 of them in there! One feels like he/she might just dig their way out right now. 3 two year olds in the house! WOW! You are truly an AMAZING mom and your trust in God is very apparent! Looking forward to seeing pics of the "big day".

  8. Happy 2nd Birthday!! Such sweet little babies. How fast time flies. Can't wait to see pictures from the party! (the weather is going to be beautiful!!)

    I feel bad such a little one has so many scars. He shouldn't have so many war wounds at his age.

  9. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a beautiful thing to be able to celebrate this year!!!

  10. Poor child should have to bare the scares he does....*tears*

    Happy Birthday cuties!!

  11. Happy Birthday Eli, Cara and Brady!!!!!
    We Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nico, Giuliana, and Carmen Avila

  12. Happy Birthday kiddos!!

    This post made me laugh, cry, think how blessed you guys are and how GOOD God is!!

    Brady's scars are symbols of how brave your little guy is and the fight that he is giving!!

    Thank God that there are doctors and surgeries available to battle this disease with Brady!! But I pray that his little body won't have do endure much more of the physical pain!

    Praying you guys have a wonderful Birthday!! I am like you on birthdays, happy, sad, excited, resistant that another year has passed etc! Must just be a mommy thing!

  13. Wishing you all a very special and happy birthday! Hugs to the munchkins(all 4 of them) from us.
    Anne and Ed

  14. Oh my goodness, what a celebration it will be for all three! The Big 2! Congratulations, momma, it will be two years since you brought three beautiful children into this world!

    It makes my heart sad to see Brady's back, with his scars. No child should have to undergo all he has been through. As someone mentioned above, he looks like a warrior, a very cute one I will add! He's fighting the fight and being so brave.

  15. Happy late birthday to your beautiful babies!

  16. Happy 2nd Birthday to Brady, Eli and Cara!!!What a wonderful birthday this year is for all of you. I am so glad that all of you are together on this special occasion. Look forward to many many more of these days. So glad Brady is doing so well. He is quite the little trooperd. Those scars are a reminder of the past and in the future will be memories that miracles happen everyday. And a miracle he is. God Bless You All.


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