Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Little Miracle!

I have to share this news even though it isn't a sure thing. We may be able to leave the hospital TOMORROW! Dr. L came by and wants Brady off of Tordol and just taking Tylenol to see how he does. If he tolerates the pain well, we will be discharged tomorrow!!!!! We are elated and continue to be in awe of how quickly Brady is recovering. Can you imagine, he will be home within 6 days of his surgery...UNBELIEVABLE! Our God is so good...
Now we just have to research some flights for Easter weekend:( We have to clean our own sheets and towels at the Ronald before we go, so if we do get discharged tomorrow, I'm thinking of an afternoon flight on Saturday. We are just so thrilled:)


  1. yeah!!!! we are so happy for you
    LOve Lynn

  2. Yahoo!!!! Oh my this is WONDERFUL! We've all been praying so hard, and it's amazing to see all our prayers being answered! I say rent a car and drive home if need be! Just get back home to your other bunnies! :) Praying that flights are available!!! Go BRADY!!!!!

  3. WOW!!!! That is great news! I hope flights and times work out for you! This is just amazing! God bless!!!

  4. Jodi Peters and familyApril 9, 2009 at 8:29 PM

    Sweet Brady,
    My heart leaps w/joy! I always believed God could miraculously heal you w/or w/o surgery, and chemo. But seeing it unfold in you has made my faith come alive, and i'm able to expect bigger and better things all the time. I guess cause my baby is about your age and size this has deeply moved me and compelled me to be a prayer warrior and have i prayed like i've never prayed b/f!

    It's strange but i've felt connected to you and your mommy and my tummy has churned and i've had many sleepless nights worrying about your suffering. I can't explain it other than God moving me on your behalf to make sacrifices in my own life to put you first in prayer. To hear now today that you are playing, and going w/o many pain meds, seeing your appetite return, humbles me even more b/f my Lord.

    Truly God has a plan and a purpose under Heaven for you to achieve! Now we lift you up for a speedy, painless recovery doing things you could never do before. Hugs and Kisses

  5. That would truly be a Good Friday for you!

  6. Wow that is awesome! Kids heal so fast, it's amazing. I'll be praying you guys get to come home and have a special Easter at home!


  7. Wow! That's amazing!! :o) It would be wonderful if you could get home Saturday!! You may also want to look into renting a car and driving home. It costs more to rent from one location and drop off in another, but compared to two plane tickets purchased last minute, it may still be about the same or cheaper and you'd have a lot more control over your trip. If you don't have a car seat with you, you can rent one cheaply enough through the rental location. Good luck!!


  8. Meg and Matt,
    What wonderful news! I will continue to pray for healing and comfort for Brady.
    God is so AMAZING! He knows how important it is for your family to be together for Easter.
    I will pray for your flight and a smoother flight home.

    Praise be to God,
    Love, Deb R.

  9. Can Brady fly so soon after surgery? I wasn't sure if the pressure would be too much on his body. Just wondering...

    I am SO GLAD everything is going so well and you'll be home way sooner than expected. AMAZING!

    :) karen

  10. That is so cute about the Easter Bunny!
    I hope you get good news re: further treatment and that Brady is home and "running" around soon.
    Love, Ellen

  11. I'm so happy for you all. Have a great Easter vacation. Pam xx

  12. Isn't our Father wonderful!!! Here's to a glorious Easter celebration with the Williams family all together on resurection day!

  13. Hi Megan, Love the updates on Brady and rejoice with the ongoing wonderful news! Yes, our God is so good. I have been praying for you, Brady and your family with my 2-prayer partnes for a while now. It is a privledge to pray with you and to see God's hand, mercy and grace in this situation. Have you visited the angel flight website? They provided transportation for cancer patients and their families. If you google it will bring up the local chapter and maybe they can help.

  14. My thought and prayers are with you all. I just started reading your blog. I love the updates.


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