Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching Up Monday

Isn't this weather crazy? Those that know me know that I totally don't enjoy the heat, so I'm not all that excited about our little heat wave. We did spend some time outside after dinner tonight and it was quite lovely because it had cooled off a little! You have to love Western New York!

I called Sloan today to see if more test results had come back. I'm not sure who called me back, but whoever it was was kind of short with me. She told me that they had given us the results last week when we were there. Yes, we did get some results (sizes of what was removed and the make up of the tumor), however, I explained to her that we were anxiously awaiting news of the histology results. Like I explained before, more than likely the tests will show the same results that were done in January, placing Brady in the intermediate risk category. However, we have heard that in rare cases testing of large portions of the tumor reveal that in fact the disease is high risk. She told me that Brady's case will most likely be discussed at the Tumor Board tomorrow and that someone will call me, although she doesn't think the results will be back by tomorrow. Ughh...

I also touched based with Strong to see when we can get the MRI and CAT scans scheduled. Our fabulous NP Laurie who works with our Dr. Asselin, our oncologist, will be calling me back regarding scheduling the tests.

Here's a cute story about our hero Brady: While we are outside tonight, Matt showed the kids the new sand box! They each kind of stood around the outside playing with the sand. He finally told them that it was okay to get in the sand box. Our Brady climbed right in and started digging around! Cara got in after about 15 minutes, and poor Eli, he never got in even after 30 minutes! As cautious as Brady is with people, he really is more of a risk taker than Eli and Cara. I love to see him enjoying life and doing new things! Go Brady...


  1. I'm sorry you couldn't get a better answer on the results. I'm sure you are on pins and needles waiting for more news!

    Too cute that Brady loved the new sandbox! Hopefully your other two will learn to enjoy it just as much!

  2. Hi guys,

    So glad to hear that memories are beginning to be made in that cool sand box. Happy digging!

    Love to all,

  3. YAY for Brady! Sandboxes are fantastic! We still need to clean out the sandbox (it has some leaves in it and I need to rake them out).

    Loving the crazy weather. My kids are really enjoying going outside and playing.

    Sorry the woman was short today.
    =) hugs!!

  4. It's so exciting to see each little personality develop and shine, isn't it? :o) Hooray for the new sandbox! My kids love ours--especially Sophie. Even the older neighbor boys like to play in it. Have a great night!!


  5. Brady sure sounds like a very determined little fella. Childhood memories are so precious, enoy them while you can because before you know it they'll be all grown up with families of their own. God bless you all. Pam xx

  6. Go Brady! So frustrating about the test results though. Ugh!!!

  7. As frustrating as it can be, test results do take time. Sloan is a huge hospital and results for Brady are only one set in maybe hundreds. I know your frustration in a small way as we are anxiously waiting to hear from my Dad's surgeon about when he will operate. The waiting is very hard, but then I think, wait a minute, God does things in his time not ours. We need to practice more sitting still and letting God do his thing. Ah the sandbox, hours of fun for kids,and very entertaing for adults watching children discover what they can create. I hope it came with a cover, as cats love the sand box too. Our prayers continue daily for you all and I can understand your not liking the heat. I love Western NY, but when warm weather comes I search out airconditioning.


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