Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Birthday Memories

We woke us this morning to the many reminders that we had a great party here last night. Cards and gifts were strewn all over the house! The kids had a great time exploring their new toys and eating leftover cake and cupcakes! Tomorrow is another busy then off to Webster for the Angels of Mercy Spaghetti Dinner.

Some great Brady news: Today he stood up completely on his own. Up until now he pulls himself to stand using a table or something close by, then will let go and stand for a while. He wanted to use his new T ball set, so Matt told him he had to stand to play T ball. So he just pushed up from the ground, planted one foot, then the other, and stood there! He can even bend to pick up the bat and ball without holding on to anything! He is learning to take a swing with his bat! Way to go Brady:)

Here are a few more pictures:

Our fabulous cakes dropped off by a neighbor that were a total surprise:) Thanks Kim!

Allison is sitting up all on her own now!

I love this one! Cara is admiring her painted toe nails while sitting in the afternoon sun.

Silly Brady with his sunglasses on!

Eli and his new Snuffleupagus!


  1. Whomever made those cakes should go into business! Beautiful cakes! Happy Birthday to your gorgeous kids! Regarding the post below, I would like to suggest putting Vitamin E oil on Brady's scars. It really helps to fade the scars. It seems the newer surgery scar on the right looks so much better than the older one from January. From experience,I can already tell the one on the right will eventually fade nicely! So glad Brady is doing so well. Kids are so tough! Bless them!

  2. YAY for persistance. Brady stood on his own!!

    The pictures of the kids are precious! Love the one of Cara looking at her toes.

  3. Those cakes are amazing, that is so awesome! Happy Birthday Eli, Brady and Cara! Oh and Allison and Brady look so much cute!

  4. can't believe Brady's progress, so good to hear, not just mine but my kids' faith has grown so much. Cara's too cute looking at her painted toes! Have a great day tomorrow!!!!

  5. Great pictures! :) I love the one of Cara in the sun! So cute! And those cakes are AWESOME!

  6. Thank you for the precious pictures.
    I can't even imagine all of the love and
    joy that was at your home.

    Love, Deb R.

  7. Wonderful, happy pictures...the cakes are so cute, and the kids are so beautiful! We hope to see you May 16 for the evening of music at the Methodist Church.
    the prayers continue,

  8. The cakes are stunning! I have followed your blog off and on for awhile - so glad your kiddos are doing well - and your sweet baby boy - those scars - he is so brave and your family is so strong.

  9. Cool cakes!! :o) Your kids are so beautiful. I just can't get over how big Allie is! What a lovely smile she has. Great job, Brady!!


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