Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Sunday Report

Well, it looks like I have another day to procrastinate writing my post for the Mom Logic contest. They extended the deadline until Tuesday, so I'm going to write my post tomorrow night.

So for tonight you get my regular Williams family update:) All is well today. The kids are getting outside a lot more these days which is great! The only downside is that they seem to hit a wall by 6:30 pm each night. There is a great deal of crying and whining going on here between 6:30 and bedtime at 7:45!! I guess the fresh air is just wiping them out. Brady's surgical dressings are still intact. I'm wondering if they will take them off on Wednesday or continue to wait for them to fall off. He doesn't seem to be in any pain now. He continues to travel around behind his trusty "Brady cart." Matt and I have been cracking up about something he said the other day. He loves to say "tiny _____" For example, when playing with playdoh he rolls it into "tiny balls" or he will see a "tiny bird." The other day he rubbed his head and said "tiny hair!" Ha!!!!

Our plans are still in place for our trip to NYC Wednesday. I'm just praying that our very busy day goes off without a hitch. Any slight delay will throw the whole day off, so we'll see! I guess I should pack some extra things just in case (especially diapers if you remember our last airline delay!)

The coming weekend is very busy! Eli, Cara, and Brady turn 2 on Friday and Sunday is our 6th anniversary, my mother in law's birthday, I'm singing in church, and in the afternoon is the Angel's of Mercy spaghetti dinner to benefit Brady. Honestly though, I LOVE being this kind of busy!


  1. Maybe 6:30 could be video or bath time...a wind down sort of activity. I remember that bedtime is tough; mom and dad are exhausted,too. I still get cranky/weepy when I'm tired!!
    Our prayers are with you every day.
    Anne and Ed

  2. Wow! Will definately be praying for you guys this week and weekend! That is too funny about the "tiny" stuff. I am excited about Wednesday!

  3. It too funny what they come up with. My 2 yr old daughter calls anything soft (including her hair) "fluffy".

    Until recently she went to bed at 6pm. Sounds early, but she actually set her own bedtime when she used to bring me her jammies and say night night. It was hilarious. Since the time change (btw...those are aweful) we have been going to bed at 7pm.

  4. shewww...lots of stuff, but all fun stuff!

    my kiddos are def in bed earlier too with the outdoor playtime...i am loving it. in fact, today, it's gross out and we're already squirrelly!

  5. Evenings are rough with toddlers, aren't they? Glad they're getting outside! I'm excited for warmer weather!! :o)

  6. The tiny hair comment is just precious!! What a sweet boy!!

    I saw your comment on our blog about my goals. My dear, you have far greater goals on your list then I do on mine!! :)

    You guys have a busy week!! Will pray for safe travels and good new on Wednesday!!


  7. I love the tiny sotry...that's adorable!

    Hope you have a wonderful week and weekend!


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