Monday, April 20, 2009

My Mom Logic

So, we all know I have entered a blog contest sponsored by the site Mom Logic. Many of you were kind enough to nominate me, so my next job is to blog about my concept of what "mom logic" is. Quite honestly, I think I'm in over my head here. There is a whole world of blogging moms I never knew existed. Their blogs are incredible, their computer skills awe inspiring, and many have elements on their blog that I don't even understand. I guess I'm totally clueless, but the good news is, I do have a blog, so I have a chance:) Without further ado, here is my Mom Logic entry:

I think I gave up on the idea of motherhood being logical a while back. You see, life was following a pretty logical, predictable course for me. I fell in love, married my high school sweetheart, bought a house, started a career, and a few years later got pregnant.

That is the end of my logical story...

34 weeks and 3 babies later I found myself in the most chaotic state of motherhood that I could ever have imagined. This certainly wasn't my "white picket fence" version of what my life should be. Visions of quiet moments blissfully snuggling my baby to sleep, proudly taking my baby out to the grocery store with me, and happily recording every little memory down in a baby book were quickly replaced with the reality of raising triplets. Life became a routine blur through which I moved like a automated robot. If it weren't for several cups of coffee a day and the support of my husband and family, surely I would never have survived.

But I did.

We began to get into a groove around here. Three babies, it's not that bad. The unpredictable newborns turned into delightful babies who gave my husband and I days full of exhausting, yet wonderful adventure. We were approaching their first birthday and felt like we had conquered the world and I began thinking about maybe going back to work. Yeah that's it, I'll go back to work. Seems the logical thing to do...

Then I got pregnant.

You've heard the stories about the surprise baby that many couples who at one point struggled with infertility have later in life? Well, the stories are true! I found myself at a most-illogical point in motherhood. I had 4 babies in 18 months. I'll spare you the details of my terrible pregnancy nausea and the adventures of caring for 3 babies while carrying your 4th. I can tell you that this part of the story ends with an amazingly delicious 9lb baby girl who is the delight of our lives. All was well with the Williams family again until the most illogical thing of all happened.

My son was diagnosed with cancer.

I still can't wrap my head around this one. How can 21 month old boy who is perfect in every way have cancer? My logic failed me once again as I looked at my life and just couldn't imagine stacking one more stressor onto the pile our family was carrying. We are now 3 months from Brady's diagnosis, and guess what? We are all still here. I wish I could tell you that I have finally been able to make sense of all of what has happened since I've become a mother. Certainly I have no way of explaining the "whys" of my life, but I have come to a full understanding of the "hows."

So many people tell me, "God won't give you more than you can handle." My answer now is without a doubt, He has. I can't handle the pain of facing my own child's mortality. I can't handle letting him go into the operating room not knowing if he will come back to me. I can't handle being separated from my other three children as we take our sick son to another city to seek treatment. I can't, but with God, I can.

Logic, no...

With faith....YES!

For me the only sense I can make of my life is that God has a plan for me, for my family, for my children. He has promised not to leave me, that I'll never walk alone. Will my life be without pain, of course not. Is God using every happening in my life to His glory, I pray that He is! My faithful blog readers can tell you that this 3 month blogging journey has been a wild ride. Most days I'm all over the place with emotion, but I pray that every day I can show that this mom is imperfect, yet faithful, and that is the most logical lesson I can share.


  1. Logic no, faith yes... it's true. Hope you score that laptop.

  2. you're amazing, as always!

    :) karen

  3. Thank you for your testimony, Megan. I'm so moved. May God continue to bless and provide for you and your precious family.

  4. Dear Megan

    Your entry is a winner. It blessed me. Hope the laptop is yours.

    Sandy B

  5. That was great...I don't know how you do it!!!


  6. I hope you win the laptop as well. Sending up prayers for you and your family!

  7. Meg,
    Remember that stepping out in faith does not seem logical to a lot of people, but it does to you and me. Your blog brought me to tears, again. The out pouring of your emotions is what makes 'us readers' come back for more. It as if you have opened your soul and are sharing it with us. These most personal thoughts, frustations, and joys show your honesty.
    It is a winner in my book and I hope the 'judges' can also feel the emotions so you can get the laptop.

    Do NOT change to impress others. Just keep being the amazing MOM you are, by sharing your faith journey as part of God's will to help others in their faith journey getting closer to God.

    Love, Deb R.

  8. Beautiful!!! You will write a book someday, I know it. I feel your pain, your fears, and that's how readers will connect w/you and your blogging and or story. Love you, my family is still praying several times a day. Collin talks of playing w/Brady someday, and asked several questions of his boo boo in the pic you sent a few days ago, he finally understands why we have been praying so long, so hard, and so often for him. We love you Brady, you're our hero...we are praying there is no more cancer, and no more procedures in Jesus' name!!!

  9. Megan,
    What an amazing Blog. It is your truthfulness that keeps readers coming back. I pray for you all daily and know that God has great things in store for you.

  10. I so hope you win! You really deserve it. What a great and insiring entry. It was really heartfelt like all of your posts. Good luck I'm rooting for you!

  11. Very well done! I think that your future may be as an author, not a teacher.
    The prayers continue; you all are surrounded by them, especially these 2 days.

  12. Meg,

    What an amazing blog entry!! Well actually they are all very good. I didn't know you before Triplets but I am glad that we met because we have them. You are an amazing mom, and an amazing friend. In despite of everything that has taken place in the past 3 months you still make time to be there for others, which I think is a very unique and special quality that you have.
    I do hope that you win the contest, not for the laptop, but so your life, your journey,your raw emotions can be shared with most likely thousands of readers. So that each person that reads your blog can open their hearts, minds, and soul to God. I know you have done this for me.
    Best of luck my friend. Love you!!

  13. Beautiful, Megan!!! And so true.

    Praying for your visit to NYC on Wednesday!!

    Steph D.

  14. Amen Sister!!! Megan you are an inspiration!!
    I think you are an amazing Mom. I will continue to pray you through this journey. I wish I had enough extra money, I would just buy you the laptop!!! Expecting good things on Wednesday..Janet Bates

  15. Megan,

    You deserve the laptop and soo much more! Have a great day!


  16. Nice job, Meg! An excellent entry!! You're still top of the class for writing--just like in fifth grade. ;) Good luck!!!! I hope you win.

  17. Yea, Megan! Great job! Way to 'tell it like it is'! I think that's why I enjoy your blog so much, you're always real with us and we can see how God sustains you thru it all.

  18. Just beautiful Meg!

    Love, Kristina

  19. congratulations on the nomination! your blog and your story are truly inspiring. best of luck to you!

  20. Congratulations on Top 10! It is an honor to be in the running with you!

  21. I found you thru the MomLogic contest (my friend Christy is in it -- the "Allbeehive" blog). I think it helps to write about things no matter what your situation - and I agree, having faith helps a LOT. I am going to vote for you (I don't think you have to be hi-tech to have a good blog!) and I will continue reading and keeping Brady in my thoughts and prayers for you.

  22. That was an absolute tear jerker! I will continue to follow you, and of course keep you in my prayers.

    Stop by my other blog & leave your link and check out the other blogs.

    God Bless, Hon- keep your head up!


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