Monday, November 15, 2010

Hello Out There

Eeek! I’ve been completely absent from blog land for a few days! I’m sure you understand that sometimes a girl’s real life is just too consuming to allow the time for blogging:)

I’ve been super busy with Tastefully Simple these past few weeks. Many of my wonderful customers are having some terrific parties in time for the holidays. It is a good problem to have, but needless to say I’ve been burning my already weary candle at both ends.

Today we spent some special time with our honorary Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Wes. They are just about to head south for the winter, and my kids and I will sure miss them. Something tells me we just may be seeing them in a couple of months. Hmmm…any guesses?

Of course the kids were so excited when Grandma Lynn gave them their Christmas present a little early. She told them that there was just one present, but 4 things were inside. Well, the kids sure figured out that the only way to get to their own gifts was to tear that package open fast!



Inside the kids found 4 super cool dress up hats. Just like that, they worked out whose hat was whose. DSC_0837




Yes, Grandma Lynn hit the nail on the head with these gifts. There is no lack of imagination in this house:)


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