Monday, November 8, 2010


So we are still trying to eat up that Pluto cake. Still trying to finish up the puppy chow. Still singing happy birthday and even still carrying around the trick or treat buckets!

It has been a while since I updated on each of the kids. For historical reasons (read: I don't do baby books, this is all I got!), I like to make sure I write down a little bit about each of them every few months.

Eli is loving life as a 3 1/2 year old. He spends 90% of his day at home engaged in creative play. By that I mean, he wears a bandanna, a pirate hat, or any costume he can find and runs around the house in character. Eli LOVES his shows and not only watches them, but he analyzes them. He certainly is a big thinker! But like many creative minds, Eli sometimes doesn't know where to draw the line between imagination and practical things like getting dressed. It isn't unusual to have 3 kids at the breakfast table and Eli still in his underwear!

Cara is loving life as a girly girl. She started tap dance class this fall and looks forward to Mondays every week when she and I get to walk a few doors down for dance. Cara can often be heard singing to herself and playing with her baby. She and Allie are just starting to realize that they can play all-things-girly together and it is so adorable to watch them interact. She can certainly tests our patience when it comes to going to sleep and staying asleep, but when Cara is at her best, there is no one sweeter!

Brady can best be described as the ring leader around here. Most days he is either paired off with Eli, or Cara, but he is never the one left out! He likes to do whatever someone else is doing that appeals to him! Brady still will ask to hang out with me once in a while, especially while I'm working in the kitchen. He continues to meet some and exceed some of the goals that his PT has set for him. We have noticed a big improvement in his jumping. Brady boy has quite the stubborn side to him, but his silly side is the best!

Allie is 2 going on 4! In the past few days she has been telling us to potty train her--she really has told me that exact phrase! She is able to pee on the potty when we put her there. Allie is the most mischievous child we have ever had, but I guess that is not surprising. She easily will go with other adults and doesn't mind at all to be away from her siblings when they are at preschool or during church. She is very verbal and says just about anything. Matt and I always comment that she is definitely our toughest child (that is not surprising either!).

In other updates, Cara had her follow up with the eye specialist last week. Her vision in both eyes tested normal, which is an improvement for her left eye. She continues to tilt her head when looking at things in the distance. The specialist did not see any abnormal eye movements during the exam, and isn't sure why she is still tilting her head. He does not want to repeat the surgery that she had last year unless other symptoms emerge. So for now we keep watching it and will go back in 6 months.

There you have it! They are changing all the time!


  1. What Blessed hands to be so FULL!!!

    We love the happy birthday song, too! I think we sing it several times a day, and the person or THING celebrating is always changing. But asking for cake at the end, never seems to change.

    We love jumping...especially my Maggie! She is the best jumper and so is James. She is an equal opportunity sister.

    Have a great week...

  2. Your news is all good...I'm so happy for you.


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