Friday, November 5, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Tonight my one year old baby is sound asleep in her crib.

Her head is laying on her crib bumper which she uses like a pillow. She is surrounded by her “friends” including her babies, rabbit, pelican, and her best friend Pluto.


Tonight she is one, but tomorrow she will turn 2.

This birthday is hitting me right in my heart. My baby is growing up, and fast. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to see the triplets growing up so quickly too. But there is just something about watching your youngest leaving the baby days behind that makes your heart ache.

Allie brings so much joy into our family. Here are a few of the many reasons that we love Allie.

She is the only blonde in our family.

People say she looks like me (finally, one that looks like me!)

Allie gives the best bear hugs.

She has always been very talkative. She can’t yet make the “C”, “K”, or “G” sounds. This leads to adorable words like “O-tay” for okay and “tup-take” for cupcake. So cute!

Allie loves to read books both by herself and sitting on the lap of someone else.

We often find her following around her older siblings, trying her best to keep up with what they are doing.

Allie is messy. I call her Messy Bessy sometimes! If she is reading books, then there will be 20 books piled up around her. She likes to take tissues out of boxes, squirt hand sanitizer all over the place, and dump puzzles out all over the house. She is messy!

For everything she is, we just love our Allison Elizabeth. I will forever say that she is the biggest blessing that I never knew I needed. I’m so glad God gave her to us!

Happy birthday Allie. You’ll always be my baby girl.

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  1. I feel your pain...and your pride Meg. Tonite my baby girl is 26-tomorrow she'll be 27! Not quite the same I realize, but if you think it's going fast now, wait until you send her off to college...and New York City...and down the isle...sigh....
    I wish she was turning 2 again. You are so lucky.
    Happy Big Girl Birthday Allie!

  2. Happy birthday to Allison Elizabeth! Wishing her and all of your family a day of fun and celebration tomorrow.


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