Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bags are Packed



My little preschoolers are all set for their first day.

Can you believe it?

When I got their backpacks down from the closet I thought they might explode from excitement! I bought them when we went to Disney and haven’t let them use them again since. They understood that they were for preschool. So tonight they took the responsibility of packing their bags very seriously. They carefully shoved (ha!) their extra outfits into the bottom of the bags, then the antibacterial wipes requested by their teacher, and then their school sneakers.

After that, they took on the very important task of picking out the first-day-of-school undies. I also made them try on their jeans to make sure that they could pull them down and back up again all by themselves. I guess that is a requirement for using the bathroom at preschool.

I just can’t wait to see what they have to say about their first day!

We had another first today.




Miss Cara Kathleen became an official tap dancer. Lucky for us, the local dance teacher lives a few hundred yards from our house. She was the same teacher that taught me to tap to “How Much is that Doggie in the Window?” about 27 years ago!


The best part is that cousin Aubrey is in Cara’s class!!! I’m so excited for them to share this special experience together. This picture is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!


They are so precious!

In other news…today is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Day. If you aren’t already doing so, please, please visit THIS SITE every day between now and Sept 30th to vote for the Arms Wide Open Cancer Foundation. If they win, Pepsi will give $250,000 to directly fund an important trial in the world of pediatric cancer. Yes you have to login and create a username and password. Yes you have to give your email address. I’m sure we are all willing to do something so simple to help. Please help.


  1. How adorable! Can't wait to hear about their first day at school. Voting daily to fight this beast!

  2. Megan. I hope YOU survive the first day of preschool. I'm sure it is harder for the parents to wave goodbye than it is for the kiddos to walk in the door. p.s. Cara, Brady and Eli have each other to rely on if needs be so they'll be fine!

    The photo of Cara and Aubrey is truly gorgeous.

    Good night!

  3. Love the tap shoes. Were they yours as a little girl? My mom is sending mine for Giul's.
    These kids grow up too fast. Just yesterday you and I were talking about how to drop a nap, or the best feeding schedule. Ha! Boy have times changed. Glad their first day was great!

    Jill A.


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