Monday, September 20, 2010

Week Two of Everything

This week brings week two of dance class and preschool. We are finding our groove I hope and the kids seem very excited about their new schedule.

Brady boy seems to be doing very well in school and there is no obvious difference between him and the other kids. The only thing Matt and I pick up on is a slight lack of flexibility and stability with his legs, particularly his left. It only really affects him when we are doing things like putting on his shoes or socks. Other than that he is keeping up and blending in with his class of 3 year olds. How about that?

Allie is growing and changing with each passing day. As we get closer and closer to her 2nd birthday (November) it seems as though she should have turned two months ago. She talks up a storm. We can't help but laugh when things like, "No daddy. Stop putting lotion on me" come out of her mouth! Allie is the lovable little glue that holds our family together. She demands that everyone said goodnight to her each and every night, and it isn't unusual for her to go up to Brady and Eli and say, "Brothers, I need a kiss!" One thing that doesn't make her too happy is the fact that the big kids get to leave the house without her for dance class and preschool. Almost always she sees us off at the door with her shoes on and big tears in her eyes. Poor Allie:(

I promise to get my camera out this week as it has been a while since I've shared pictures.

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