Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Gang

We have made it through all of our new activities and transitions…well at least for one week! The bad news is all of the backpacks, papers, and “stuff” that goes along with these activities are driving me crazy! The great news is the kids are loving all of their new adventures and have adjusted really well!

I suddenly find myself having to check my calendar for what the kids have coming up! It’s so strange! Balancing their busy schedule with my own is a new challenge for me. I’m remembering to thank God for the opportunity to be home with them as I can’t imagine trying to do all of this and working outside the home full time.

Here is my gang before we left for preschool Thursday. Notice the littlest preschool wannabe, complete with backpack! Brady was having a moment here, thus the frown.


And here they are this morning about to go to Sunday school for the first time.


Eeek! I can hardly stand it when I look at this picture. Seeing them all together in a picture like this can really just blow my mind sometimes. Did I really have 4 kids in 18 1/2 months? Yep, sure did!

This week’s agenda brings dance class, preschool, MOPS meeting, Brady’s PT appointment, Brady’s pre-scan physical (yes, scans are coming up again), more preschool, and two Tastefully Simple parties.

PS…isn’t this fall weather just awesome! Love it!


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  1. Prayers for you as you prepare for upcoming scans. I imagine you have a calendar with each child in a different color, for each activity, time and place so that keeps you organized, right??? haha....Have a great week and thanks! Heather


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