Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Fun

There I said it! Halloween is fun again:)

Thinking back to my teacher days (you know, long ago before I had children) I really used to dread Halloween. For me, it was certainly the worst of all school-celebrated holidays. The kids were way-over-excited, I remember many assemblies this time of year, and I always scratched my head at why we could talk endlessly about Halloween traditions but had to only talk Santa and reindeer at Christmas. Anyway…

Now that I have kids of my own, however, I’m embracing this fun time of year again! Not that my house is decked out in cobwebs (at least not the unnatural kind) and grim reaper statues, but we are starting some fun traditions to mark this time of year.

I really liked what Kristen briefly wrote on her blog  about Christians and Halloween. And while we don’t plan on staying home to hand out candy this weekend, we aren’t going to sit home and pretend this day isn’t a part of our culture.  Instead we will put some fun costumes on, get together with friends and family, and show that we can share God’s love every day…even on Halloween!

Today the kids did not have preschool, so we decided to invite a few friends over and have a little Halloween party. I got to dust the cobwebs off of some craft ideas from my teaching days. We made ghost lollipops and handprint bats.



The kids all had a wonderful time and so did the mommies:)

My kids thought it was great because before lunch they had already eaten their fair share of donut holes, peanut butter cups, and lollipops. It makes my stomach turn to think of the sugar they will ingest this weekend.


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