Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Results are In

Just checking in briefly to say that Brady's urine results came back completely normal!!! This means that the 1 millimeter change on the scan must have been due to some kind of inaccurracy.

We are relieved. We are thankful. We are exhausted from worry:) We are moving on.
Thank you for your prayers. God has seen us through another bump in the road.

I'm off to tend to some sick kids. Brady has a fever and is really lethargic today. Allie has a bad head cold. You can bet I'll be wiping noses and giving out Tylenol with a big smile on my face!


  1. Oh thank you Jesus!! I'm SO very relieved. I just wanna hug someone right here's an internet (((HUG))) for you.

    I pray the little ones are quickly on the mend!


  2. YEAH!!!! Praise God!! I have been thinking and praying for ya!

  3. hooray! the alexander church was on their knees for you this week.

  4. That is absolutely wonderful news! I'm so happy for you!

  5. so relieved and happy for you guys...

    so they couldn't run those tests first before you spend days agonizing? patient/family stress needs to be better recognized as serious.

    sorry. those things drive me nuts.


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