Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stokoe Farms

Yesterday we were off for a day of Fall fun at Stoake Farms in Scottsville. This was a new place for us, and we all loved it!


Stoake Farms is a Christmas Tree Farm with gorgeous trees of all sizes in the fields. Of course the lovely autumn leaves made for the most stunning backdrop.


It’s a pay-one-price for everything type place which I love. Once you pay your admission, you are free to just wander and explore.

There were wagon rides.


Giant wheels that you could walk inside of. This is extra fun with the under 4 crowd:)


A silly clown who rode on a tractor that had a fire breathing smoke stack! Oh, and bubbles coming out of the front. This was Brady’s favorite part of the day!


A mini pumpkin launcher.


And 4 pretty cute spectators who cheered Daddy on as he launched the pumpkins!


While her siblings landed on their butts at the bottom of this slide, Allie figured out a way to dismount in style! She only fell once and the rest of the time landed on both feet and kept going!

DSC_0501 DSC_0503

A few unexpected surprises…



And I thought I was a mom of multiples.


As this was a new place for us, thank goodness we had Eli, our “map man,” there to tell us which way to go!



DSC_0482 DSC_0473

DSC_0477 DSC_0479

My one and only suggestion to anyone thinking of visiting this wonderful place is to pack a lunch. I thought it would be fun to buy our lunch there, so all I packed where the kids’ drinks. I waited in line for an hour (literally) for our lunch. This is one area I think they could use some improvement in, even though the food was good. Next time, I will pack ours for sure!



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  1. Yea, ya really gotta feel sorry for that poor momma pig....tho how hard can it be to keep track of em' when everybody's inside of a pen?!!
    By the way, did I ever mention you have probably the most photogenic family I know!
    Happy Fall Williams Family!


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