Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Day with Eli

I'm stopping in with a brief post and no pictures...sorry:( Life is in hectic mode this week with many Tastefully Simple parties going on and a MOPS get together at our house tomorrow night. Ironically, as I'm sure many of you know, a lot of fun= a lot of work!

Eli had his 3 year check up today, so we made today a date day for he and I. This morning we drove to Canandaigua to visit Matt's grandma who is recuperating after her stroke and heart attack. Eli was quite overwhelmed by being in a hospital-like facility. He started opening up right when it was time to go. We stopped at a few stores and had lunch together. Eli's observations of the world around him never cease to amaze me, and always make me laugh. On our way into McDonald's there was a person walking with a sort-of western hat on. Eli says very loudly, "Is that a cowboy?" Upon realizing it was a woman, he added, "Not a cowBOy is that a cowGirl?" The cowgirl person didn't seem too thrilled with Eli's comment. Not 2 minutes later we were standing in line, and I noticed a foreign man in the line next to us wearing an even funnier hat. His looked like those kind of straw hats that people wear at political rallies (do you know what I mean?). I was trying to shield Eli from seeing him, because I just knew what would happen...

Well, it happened. "Momma, is that a FAR-MER?" The funniest part is that Eli said this and at the same time kind of stroked the man's pant leg. I wanted to crawl behind the counter and start serving some McNuggets! I just started laughing because the people behind us were laughing so hard. Oh are TOO funny!

We got caught in a heavy rainstorm and I just pulled into the parking lot of a store and decided to wait the rain out while Eli slept. After only a few minutes, he woke up and wanted to sit with me. I'm going to add "snuggling with your little boy in the car during a rain storm" to my list of one of my happiest life moments:)

We ended the day with Eli's doctor's visit. He continues to be of average height and on the very-skinny side!


  1. Wish I could be very-skinny. I never have been and as I stare down the barrel of the big 40 in early August (yes, I know, I'm old!), I am coming to accept that I never will be very-skinny. Oh well. There could be worse things in life than loving chocolate and being cuddly! M x

  2. Too cute! I love your quips about the children. Snuggling with your little one during a rainstorm is definitely a good thing. Prayers continue for you all.


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