Monday, June 14, 2010

New Things

There are quite a few new things happening in and around our house.

One of you out there in bloggy world left me an anonymous  suggestion for where to buy eye patches for Cara online. Whoever you are…THANK YOU! I went to and was able to choose three different girly designs for Cara’s eye patches. They are adhesive patches, so once we put it on, it stays put! Our goal is to have her wear a patch for 2 hours a day. Some days she does this without a complaint, other days…not so much! Here she is today with one of her princess patches on!


The kids are spending more and more time focused on one activity. They are enjoying doing 25 piece puzzles, coloring, using markers, and playing with playdoh.


Allie is trying her best to keep up with the big kids. She tries to be like them, do what they do, and go where they go. She is oh-s0-adorable when she tries to be a helper! Here she is carrying all 4 sippy cups to hand them out to the big kids.


Another new thing in the kids’ world is their new “big kid” swings. They were sad to see their toddler swings go, but I knew they would love the new ones! They haven’t mastered pumping their legs and using their arms to swing themselves, but they are doing great at not falling off! I’m happy because Brady is really using all of his trunk muscles when he is on the swing! And I should mention that it is no easy job keeping the 4 kids swinging all at the same time! When I took this picture, I was on the patio reading a book…thanks Matt:)


Speaking of patio…my FAVORITE new thing in our world is our amazing “new” picnic table! It’s not your average picnic table but I think it is the perfect table for our family. We purchased it from our friends and couldn’t be happier!!! Until now we had a tiny round table that Matt and I had since we were first married. In other words, we had no place to sit outside. Now we have a great table with four detached benches that have backs on them. That means no member of our family will be able to fall off the back onto their heads:) We eat dinner outside every chance we get and are loving it!!!



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  1. Oh Meg-I really hear you! I too love to eat outside-and grill-ooooh supper is soooo good done on the grill! But alas, I have my mother-in-law from Arizona who stays with us from May-Sept each year....who thinks if it's 70 degrees with a 10 MPH breeze that it's too cold & windy to eat's a little like having triplets! (Did I say that out loud?!!) Gotta grab every one of those days we can in this part of the country, right?!!


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