Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Thursday

Today was the sort of day that I would rather just kind of forget! Everything that could have gone wrong seemed to go wrong. I cleaned up one mess after another, kissed one boo boo after another, and disciplined one naughty child after another:(

Before dinner I decided we all needed to get outside for some fresh air. So instead of dwelling on the  the bad part of our day, here are some great pics from our time outside!

I finally got some flowers potted this weekend.


Brady loves to bring me flowers and tells me, “Put it in your hair mommy!”


They look like an exhibit at the zoo here!


I can’t believe how quickly Allie is closing the gap in terms of size. They almost could pass for quadruplets in this picture!DSC_0402

Allie wanted to wear a hat outside. She had grabbed a winter hat was trying hard to get it on her head. Instead I went and got this adorable flower hat I bought her last year. Check out the personality in these shots…

   DSC_0399 DSC_0398 


  DSC_0396 DSC_0395 

I love this girl…


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  1. have to have the cutest kiddos!! I love that he wants you to put the flower in your hair. Such love!!! The hat on Allie is adorable!!! Have a great weekend!!


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