Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yard Sale...DONE!

Another successful Williams/Warner family garage sale has come and gone. But not without a bit of excitement (you wouldn't expect anything less, would you?)

We started our sale Friday and as always that was our biggest day. I heard no less than 20 times, "Oh, you are the one with the triplets!" and think that living in the town I grew up in, and therefore knowing almost everyone, is a great benefit when having a yard sale!

Today was a dreary, overcast day. The kind of day when you swear it will rain all day, but it never really does! In the middle of the afternoon we started seeing people driving by the house, heading out of town in a hurry. Then a woman rolled her window down and said, "They're evacuating the town! There is an ammonia leak at the food processing plant!" Sure enough, minutes later the gusting wind was carrying the stench of a really bad perm our way! It was quite a crazy situation as our whole town was having yard sales, so there were quite a few people all over the streets. Everyone was evacuated, and we were told to go in our homes and close the windows. A few minutes later the reverse 911 system alerted us that if we were in a 1/2 mile radius of the plant (we are right on the edge of that) that we should leave our homes. We kept looking outside and seeing a few people here and there, so we decided to wait it out a while. After an hour or two all was well again, but unfortunately the town had emptied out, and our sale was officially over! It was quite a shame for that to happen today, but we were blessed that we had done very well Friday and earlier today. Never a dull moment!!!

I certainly miss the kids this weekend! We did all walk for ice cream together last night and tonight I made a gourmet dinner of spaghetti with Ragu:) The upcoming week will hopefully bring some time to catch up on things inside the house and most importantly slow down a little to enjoy my babes!

Our coolest story of the day was a woman who bought my friend's slip that she wore under her wedding dress. You know the kind that make the skirt very full? She wasn't the age of a typical bride, so when we asked her if she was getting married, she said..."Nope, I play Mrs. Claus at Christmas time!" Love it!

What has been your favorite yard/garage sale find?


  1. I was so excited to pick up Gone With the Wind and the sequel Scarlett last weekend - for a whopping 50 cents - hard cover. Haven't read them in years and s looking forward to it.


  2. If you still have stuff left after the sale, list it on It's totally free – no commissions or fees.


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