Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celebrate We Will!

What is this mess all about, you ask?


The Williams Family likes to recognize important days of the year, including the lesser known holidays like….

National Smores Day 2010

Well, first we had our dinner of corn on the cob and chicken stir fry with some amazingly yummy veggies from the Organic Farm Co-op that we are a part of this year. S0-very-delicious!


Pirate Eli can eat corn like a champ.

Barely comes up for air that boy!


Cara only ate her corn after Grandma and I agreed to take her picture while doing it. Hey, whatever works!


Pirate Brady eats his corn in a more gentle, delicate way. I just love to admire those dark blue eyes while he does it!


And Messy Bessy just lives to make stinker faces while she does just about everything.

Back to the good part, the smores!

Today is my sister’s (aka Auntie Lissa) birthday. For those of you thinking, “We don’t see or hear much about this sister…what sister?!?” She is my big sister, she’s fabulous, and she lives in Minnesota with her hubby and my two nephews! And it just so happens that they are making their annual summer pilgrimage via SUV to visit our whole family next week…yahoo!

And because my sister is so fabulous she shares her birthday with the National Day of these yummy treats…(it’s true, you can Google it!)


So, we sang to her via speaker phone (check your voice mail Auntie Lissa) and enjoyed the kids first-ever-smores!


Pirate Eli told me the whole time I was making them, “No! I don’t want marshmallows on mine! I don’t want chocolate on mine!” He is always leery of new things, but after one bite, he complained no more!


Brady was fascinated by how gooey and drippy they were!

And Messy Bessy?



She loved them too!

Happy Birthday Melissa!!! We love you!!!


  1. I have been away for 4 days and have come home just for my fix of Team Williams! Ok, I lie. Maybe I also came home to see my children? Now to read back through your other posts than I might have missed whilst I slept in until 8am each morning......

  2. Awesome pics Megan! They look so cute. Prayers continue for you all.

  3. You know, it occurs to me....us youngest children (which I am one of!) always get such a bad rap! What's up with the Messy Bessy thing???!! When really she's entertaining & creative & SO DARN CUTE!! But wait-there's a missing kid...so, what did Cara think of the Smores?


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