Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mommy is Taking a Break!

Another hot and sticky week in our area. Yucky yuck. The kids ask to go outside and I kind of distract them with other ideas this week! Finally I caved, and hoped that a trip to Target would be "outside enough" for them. If me hauling the 4 of them to a store is not proof enough that I'm willing to go to great lengths to keep them happy and entertained, then I don't know what it is:)

I actually like going out with all of the kids by myself once they are buckled in the car! Today I actually got them all buckled in and gave them a snack, but we just sat in the driveway for about 15 minutes. I seized the opportunity to have them confined to just sit, sip a cup of tea, and put my makeup on without having to worry about where they were or what they were doing!

We made it safely into the store, all holding hands in a big line. But then the inevitable "Mommy, I need to go potty!" happened as soon as I get all 4 settled into one of the huge carts that they have. So I did my best to open the door to the family bathroom while simultaneously pushing the monstrosity of a cart in. Then the three big kids had to be unloaded from the cart, put on the potty, taken off the potty, have their hands washed....all while keeping Allie from completing melting down because she was the only child I didn't "release" from the cart! And as many of you know, toddlers love to touch everything in public bathrooms...ew! I was simultaneously trying to distract Allie, get tolilet paper for Cara, put soap on Eli's hands, all while telling Brady not to dare touch the "flusher." Oy!

Once the potty stop was complete, we were ready to roll! I was only slightly mortified by the greedy shouts of Eli, Cara, Brady, and even Allie as we strolled the toy aisle. "I want that! I need that! Mommy, buy that!" When did this phase start?

I wanted to let you all know that I will be offline from Thursday until Sunday as I am headed to the MOPS National Convention in Orlando! I'm traveling with 5 other ladies involved in our local MOPS ministry, and I just feel so blessed to have been gifted this chance for a little break, and most importantly a spiritual fuel-up! Perhaps Matt will do some blogging while I'm gone. And the new blog makeover is coming along so well! It won't be long now until StepsforBrady has a whole new look!

Don't forget to read all about our 2nd Annual Alex's Lemonade Stand! There are several ways for you to get involved.

So long for now:)


  1. Your description of your trip to Target made me smile. You are a wonder woman!

  2. I can just picture you in Target! Sometimes I wonder where they pick up on the "I wants". May you be blessed with a wonderful flight to Florida, great inspiration to bring back to MOPS and motivation to keep helping women by meeting them right where they are taking them further with the help of Christ. I will see you tomorrow and maybe I can be your chouffer! Love ya, Heather


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