Monday, August 9, 2010

MOPS Weekend

I’m home! Thank you for all of your prayers while I was away. Although I missed Matt and the kids, I had a great weekend and didn’t worry while I was gone.

I spent the weekend with 4 other local MOPS moms at the National Convention in Orlando with over 2,000 Mothers of Preschoolers from all across the country.

Gaylord Palms Resort

Our time was focused on spiritual development, leadership training, and learning ways to better serve our MOPS moms in our local group. Although I came home physically exhausted, I arrived back in New York spiritually energized!

Being among so many moms in the same season of life was so powerful. During our general sessions we were blessed with amazing worship music, dynamic speakers, and so many stories of how MOPS is reaching out to bring moms all over the country together and closer in their walk with the Lord.

The praise and worship at the conference was AMAZING! If only every day could start like that! I actually put the CD I bought in the playroom CD player this morning and made the kids sing and dance with me and have our own little praise time since I was missing it so much!

I left my camera and laptop home intentionally, so these pictures are from my phone and not the best.

We were treated to music by Mandisa, of American Idol fame.


There was also a performance by Richie Mc Donald, former lead singer of the country group Lonestar.

            Ritchie MacDonald

But, my favorite performer (one of my favorite of all-time!!!) was Christy Nockels, formerly of Watermark. She is just the best Christian songwriter and her leading worship was a tremendous blessing. And I got to meet her…yahoo!

            Christy Nockels

Matt had a great weekend with the kids, with a little help from the Grandmas. He is such a great daddy, I never have to worry about being away when I know he is here. I think the kids missed me a little bit, maybe just in small ways. When I called to talk to the kids Saturday, Cara said to me, “Mommy, can you come home and do my piggies pretty…please?” She was obviously missing my ponytail skills:) That was the sweetest!

I hope you are all enjoying the new blog look as much as I am. We still have a few small changes to make and should be finished up soon. I know that I took Brady’s smiling face off the top, but my thought was that as we move on in our journey into, Lord willing, happy & healthy days, I want to share our whole family’s story.  Our kids are such a tight-knit group and this picture really represents how I always want them to feel about each other.

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  1. SOOOOOO glad to hear you had a great time! It would be wonderful to wake up every day to those kind of beginnings.....however, we do wake up to our heavenly Father every day, so that does make it wonderful. Glad to hear the family survived and I am sure the piggies were awesome-----Hope to see you soon. Much love, Heather


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