Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Have Triplets...

Sigh. My sister and her family are back on the road to Minnesota. We miss them already, but I was happy to realize that Christmas is just 4 months from tomorrow and we will be seeing them again before we know it! Now that I have you all thrown into a panic because Christmas is just 4 months away, I'll try and give you a laugh to ease your anxiety!

Today I was checking out at the grocery store when the funniest thing happened. I was alone, trying to grab a few things while the kids napped and grandma Sandy graciously allowed me to try and catch up with my life! As I was waiting to check out, the lady in front of me was trying to pay the cashier while dealing with her two boys who were misbehaving. She was flustered, the cashier was flustered, and I was grateful to not be the parent of the two misbehaving children. Once that poor mom left, I approached the cashier for my turn to check out. The conversation that followed went something like this...

Cashier (who was all of 19 and had a rather dry personality): "I so can't handle screaming kids."

Me: "Yes, screaming kids can be tough."

Cashier: "That's why I have a cat. Well, I have a dog too, but my mom takes care of the dog. And the cat is my job, and she just sits there."

Me (in all honesty, I was just daydreaming at this point): "Oh yeah, I've heard that cats are pretty low maintenance."

Cashier: "I mean. I don't even know if I want kids. I can't even imagine. Like, maybe someday I'll have kids, like in 10 years or so."

Me: "Sounds like you have a plan."

Cashier: "Yeah, but with my luck, I'll have triplets!"

Me: (in a very matter-of-fact tone) "I have triplets."

Cashier: I mean...wait! YOU HAVE TRIPLETS!!!"

Me: I sure do. (of course at this point she needed a proof in the form of the picture that I pulled out of my purse.

Cashier: Wow! I can't believe I said that to you and then you just happened to have triplets!

Me: That is really weird!

Cashier: Have a good day.

That was just one of those funny life moments! I truly hope for her sake that she doesn't have triplets. Not because they aren't fantastic and wonderful, because if you have been reading for any length of time, you know that I think my triplets are just the best. More because if she can't handle two screaming boys for 2 minutes at checkout then she might want to stick with cats.


  1. hehe, that is funny... I agree, she may just want to stick to cats!

  2. That was the best story. You handled it so well.

  3. Too true Megan! Beautifully written - as always.

  4. I enjoy following your family and seldom comment, just wanted to let you know that my usual link to your page has not worked for several weeks. (it said site under construction) So today I googled you and found you again and saved you (again) You might check to see if something has changed or if others are having this problem.


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