Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The New Look

I'm checking in one more time before I leave for Orlando. Nicole of The Pixel Boutique has done some great work in redesigning the look here at StepsforBrady! I love the clean, fresh design of the blog---but we aren't quite finished yet! There are still a few tweaks here and there. In the end, all of the cancer information will be well organized with tabs at the top. It will be easier to read about Brady's journey from start to finish without having to read every entry. I was so excited to have the new look up before I left. Enjoy:)

ps...would you mind saying a prayer for me as I travel far away from my family? Since Brady's illness I have quite a bit of anxiety stirred up whenever I leave Matt and the kids on my own...I'm praying that God sends me the peace of mind that I need to fully enjoy this wonderful opportunity! Thanks xoxxo


  1. The site looks great!!

    Have a great time in Florida, you SOOO deserve it!!

    Saying a prayer for safe travels, peace of mind and for Daddy as well :)


  2. Yes you do so deserve this trip Meg! You are a top-knotch momma and this time away for a bit will make you an even better one! Everybody needs a respite-enjoy every minute-your babies will be fine with daddy...and a little help from the grama's I'm pretty sure!!

  3. Prayers coming for you from this side of the planet. And prayers for Matt and the kids too. I hope they have a terrific time in your absence and give you the biggest welcome home when you get back. M x

  4. Enjoy! Good thoughts coming your way!

  5. Looks awesome. Prayers continue for you daily, Matt is an awesome Dad so I know the kids will be fine.


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