Saturday, January 24, 2009

Going Home

We will be heading home this afternoon for sure. Here are some things we need specific prayer for right now:
1.The blood clot remains in Brady's arm. In most cases, these will go away on their own. I'm a nervous wreck thinking about taking him home with a blood clot. They will do more tests next week to check on the status of the clot.
2. We have decided that we would like our oncology team to consult with Dr. Cheung, the most experienced neuroblastoma doctor we have read about at Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC. This cancer is very rare and we want to make sure that the protocol our doctors are using is what this doctor would do. We need to do this for peace of mind that Brady is getting the best care possible.
3. Prayer for our family as we reconnect as a family of 6. I'm praying that we will have some wonderful moments together before we begin this battle.
Thank you all so much!


  1. Great News! Give the kids a kiss from us boys in MN. Evan had his piano contest this morning--he thinks he did well. J

  2. Enjoy that family time!

  3. My daughter Patty had your link on her blog (Becklets). I do volunteer work at the lewisburg Federal Prison in PA. The inmates have a miracle jar into which they put their most important intentions (on a small slip of paper). Our group is Catholic and they pray the Rosary together everyday. The intention regarding Brady will go in the miracle jar Sunday. I believe the Lord listens to inmates very closely. PEACE! And expect a "Miracle".

  4. What wonderful news and what a homecoming!!! Enjoy and lavish the kisses. Heather

  5. Meg
    Stacey passed on your sad news to me. My hearts breaks for you and the family. I am glad to hear that you are heading home to gain strength with your family before beginning chemo. I am praying for you all but especially Brady.
    Claire W.

  6. Many, many constant prayers for you all!


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