Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tentative Plan

We did hear from Dr. Asselin (Brady's oncologist) this morning at about 8:45. This is the basic news we have right now. The samples that were collected during surgery and during the bone marrow biopsy continue to be tested and analyzed. She gave us good news that the samples continue to show "favorable" results, meaning that the more favorable they are, the better they will respond to treatment. This continues to be a work in progress and we will continue to get more info throughout the week. Brady does need to have a MIBG scan: "An MIBG scan uses a chemical called metaiodobenzylguanidine that is slightly radioactive to identify areas where the neuroblastoma has spread. It is a very sensitive method of detecting the spread of cancer in bone and soft tissues." We have to be there tomorrow for the first part of this process. They will use an IV to put the chemical into his system, then we wait 3 hours, then he is scanned. This process may also have to be repeated Thursday and Friday to get an accurate picture. We will be home each night after the scan. We also are meeting with neurosurgery Thursday to check Brady's surgery site to see if staples can be removed. On Monday we will be back at the hospital to have another bone scan done, probably the surgery to place his Broviac catheter, and possibly to start chemo. We will be admitted to the hospital at this point for 3-5 days. The catheter will be surgically put in place to administer chemo. It basically is two lines coming of out his chest that can be hooked up to administer drugs, eliminating the need for IVs. Blood can be drawn from it as well. My mom had this with her 2nd battle with lymphoma so I became very familiar with flushing it and keeping it clean.

That is the news of today. We are going to give Brady morphine to help him sleep today as he is having difficulty staying asleep for any period of time. What an amazing boy he is! Would you believe he crawled across the playroom today and even crawled up one step to get out of the playroom!!! He's my hero!

I'm posting a few pictures of our family so that our "new friends" can get to know us a little better. I hope they bring you a smile today...


  1. Thanks again for sharing you updates with all of us. My family continues to prayer for a speedy journay for Brady & your family. Also thanks for posting the family pictures....I am a big believer in taking lots of pictures/memories.

    God Bless,
    Lynn Johnson & Family*

  2. Poor darling Brady! I am definitely praying for ya'll! and thanks for the pics! It is great to see the whole family!

  3. Your family and Brady are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Keep updating!

  4. You have a beautiful family! My family and I will continue to pray for little Brady. I am so thankful for the positive news you continue to receive! Praise God! God must have some awesome plans for Brady!! I am sure that God will honor your faithfulness during this trial! You are an inspiration!!! I pray that God will bless you and your family beyond your greatest expectations!!!
    Sincerely, MaryJane

  5. Hello Williams Family,
    I am glad to hear there are some brighter moments in these otherwise darker days.
    I will continue my prayers for you all. It doesn't suprise me how strong Brady is, look at his parents, he gets it from you!


  6. What a beautiful family you have!


  7. Matt and Megan and family, you remain in my thoughts and prayers. There are prayer chains gathered to send the need to the lord and I know the blessings will flow. Look at what he has already done for Brady. More miracles are on the way. You know if you need anything just call and I will do what I can.

  8. Praise God. Brady and Your Family continue to be in my prayers daily. What an amazing little man with a huge fighting spirit. His strength is outstanding. God is working wonders in him.

    It is so difficult to understand why you are facing such trials but one thing I am sure of, God has BIG plans for you all, and especially for Brady.

    Of this I have NO doubt!

  9. meg i am so sorry to hear about brady. i am sure with all the love and prayers he is receving will pull him and you through this tough time. keep your hopes up and i love you..

  10. Megan, Matt, and Brady...Ty and I are so impressed with how strong you are in the face of adversity. You all have certainly had your share of hardship and we have you and Brady in our thoughts daily. Love Rob (Grandma Lynn's son)


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