Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bone Marrow Clear!

Good news tonight...Dr. Asselin called at 7:30 to tell us they just received another "all clear" report for Brady's bone marrow! This is great news and just another piece of the puzzle. She seems more certain that we are dealing with Stage 3 intermediate risk neuroblastoma. That basically means that prognosis is "favorable." That word annoys me...doesn't sound bad, doesn't sound great. Remeber though, that the MIBG scan coming up could still show cancer show where else in this body. We are still on track to be at Strong tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday during the day. Then home for the weekend, and back on Monday to begin the battle.

Please pray in the following areas:

1. Comfort for Brady. The steroids are causing him to not be able to sleep for any period of time. Poor honey, it is heart breaking to watch him...so agitated, so sad, so confused. We are being allowed to give him Benydryl tonight to help him sleep...pray that it works.
2. More comfort for Brady! Tomorrow he will need an IV and that is not a fun thing for a toddler. He also will need to get his stitches out (we are estimating there are about 100 of them). He will be having his Broviac placed surgically on Monday...more pain.
3. All remaining tests and scans to be clear!!!
4.Continued strength for Matt and I and our families.


  1. Megan & Matt---thank God for small miracles! Take the good news as it comes and gain strength from it. I got your message through Amanda and wish so deeply that you hadn't been "inducted" into this so called "club". Alli & Griffin were so sad when we shared the news. We are all praying like crazy for continued strength for your whole family.

    I do have some "tips" to share concerning Brady's Brovie line and helping to keep it secure and out of the way of his diaper etc. It can be interesting with a toddler...but your past experience with dressing changes/flushing will be so useful!

    Please keep in touch and I will plan to make contact to share some of the answers to your questions in your email. Call me ANYTIME for ANYTHING! Good luck with the MBIG and neuro checkup...and don't feel like you have to apologize for not "getting back to people"...no one expects that.

    I received a note card when Griff was diagnosed that read "When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully...everyone is blessed". I still have that hanging on our computer as a reminder since it was very difficult for us to accept that we were in need of help also. But, I truly believe it is how we all survived, so you are doing exactly what is best for your whole family---know that in your heart! Love and prayers! The Della Penna family (Ellen, Matt, Alli & Griffin)

  2. Thanks for the narrowed down list of prayer requests! It helps to focus the prayers a little bit!! I put a little note in my blog today asking everyone to say a little prayer for ya'll. Good luck tomorrow!!!

  3. Megan,
    I have read through your blog and I must say how very proud I am of you. What an enormous task God has set before you, but He continues to be your source of strength. You are a fantastic mom to all of your children. How sweet it was to see you be able to hold Brady again after his surgery. I can't imagine all of the emotions you feel, but know at the end of the day there is a great multitude of people praying for you and your family. Remember that God will use every opportunity in your life to bring glory back to Him. Know that we love you so much and will be praying for all of you, especially little Brady. Thanks for sharing in this blog. It means a great deal to those of us who can't be right there physically for you. May God continue to give you strength, peace, hope and rest.
    Love, Pam (Sharp) Brott

  4. I heard about Brady through our prayer chain in Attica. Pastor Bell included your blog and I have been reading and want you to know that you and each member of your family and Brady's medical team are in my prayers. Thank you for these updates! May God's presence be very real to each one of you!

    In Christ,

  5. Great news about the bone marrow tests. God is really answering our prayers. We will continue to send you all love and prayers as you go through this ordeal. Know that each step of the way our hearts, thoughts and prayers will make the journey with you all. Thank you for allowing us into your lives through this blog. May God continue to give you all strength, peace and everlasting love. You are both an inspiration to us, letting us know that through it all God is still your source of strength and guidance. Again, Thank you.

    Sister in Christ,

  6. Megan and family,

    Just wanted you all to know that I am thinking of you and praying for all of you. What a sweet family you have.

    Pam (Fallon) Johnson

  7. Megan and Matt,
    I continue to pray unending for Brady and your family. Thank you for keeping the blog current. You have been through many difficult events in your life and God has been so instrumental in carrying you through. Put your burdens on Christ and he will provide peace in your spirit.
    Your family is beautiful and I believe in you and Matt at parents, so believe in yourself.

    Peace of Christ,
    Deb Reding


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