Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ughh...another day, another delay! I got a call from Greater Rochester Prosthetics and Orthotics. Our appointment to go and get Brady's new braces on Monday was cancelled (again!). We have now been without them for over a month. Every time he stands he is doing damage to his knees because of how bad they hyperextend. We hate to discourage him from doing so though, because he is just trying to be a big boy. The company is apparently remaking them completely and they were unavailable as of Friday. So, it looks like they are just going to fed ex them here when they arrive and we will have to wait another two weeks to get them adjusted properly once they arrive. It's frustrating because one or two months in the development of a toddler is a HUGE deal! I guess our focus next week will just be the MRI...I'm so nervous...


  1. Yes! 1-2 months of development is a HUGE deal! Why don't they recognize this! Especially since he is potentially causing more damage to his knees! They don't have any sort of temporary braces for him?

  2. Unfortunately not...we are hoping to have them by mid week. So frustrating!


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