Friday, January 23, 2009

histology report

We just spoke to the oncologist again. He said the histology report is "favorable" for intermediate neuroblastoma. Based on what we already knew about the tumor size and growth, this was the best news we could have received. It is still very serious, but the oncologists are optimistic that it is curable most of the time. We are still waiting for biology and further bone marrow testing to determine exact staging and course of treatment. The plan for now is to discharge Brady tomorrow so he can go home and heal from his spine surgery and begin chemotherapy at the end of next week. We are so looking forward to time together as a family before we begin the battle of a lifetime. Brady will also have some kind of nuclear test done next week when he comes in for his first round of chemo. Keep the prayers coming, especially in the hard days and weeks to come.


  1. Sounds very hopeful, which is a very good thing. I can't help but think that God was prompting you to insist on the full-body scan. If it had gone undiagnosed much longer there may not have been much hope to cling to. Will keep praying -- Melissa should be there soon. Love Jerry

    p.s. watch your mail next week

  2. It's kristim81 from TC. This sounds like very good news! I will continute to pray for Brady and for your family, I know next week will be difficult with the start of chemo. Sending lots of hugs and prayers your way,

    The McDowell Family

  3. Meg & Matt,

    This is really great news. I am so happy Brady will be able to heal at home with his family. As always....the prayers will continue to flow!

  4. I haven't said this many prayers since my boys were in the NICU. You and Brady are on my mind all day long. I am glad that things are sounding hopeful so far. I will continue to send prayers your way! Let me know if there is more I can do!!!!!!

  5. We are so glad to hear that Brady will get to heal at home with his family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Maureen and Mike

  6. I'll pray for your son, too. And I'll get my mother's prayer group in action, too.

  7. Im so so sorry that your little son and family have to go through something so horrible and challenging like this.
    I have a son about the same age as yours and I cant even imagine anything like that. this has always been my biggest fear and nightmare even before I have even had him. I dont even know you ir your family but my heart just go out to little Brady and your family. Reading about whats going on with your son has just brought tears to my eyes.
    Im a big believer in prayer and in Jesus Christ our Lord!
    Im praying for you brady and i will pass your story along to form a even bigger prayer chain!
    The Barrientos family!

  8. Meg and Matt,

    Paige and I have been praying for you and your family every night. You continue to be in my thoughts, prayers and mind all day. I praise God for his goodness and pray that he continues to bless you. "The Lord's love never ends; his merices never stop. They are new each morning...." Lam. 3:22-23

    May you find new merices in your live every morning.

    Much love and God Bless,
    Heather, Brian and Paige


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