Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Big News Today

Matt and I took Brady to Strong today for the first part of his MIBG scan. He had to have an injection of a chemical that will allow areas of neuroblastoma to be visible when scanned. It was very difficult to see him so upset, so confused. I'm struggling with that as a mommy right now. I guess I took for granted always telling my babies that "it's okay, you're safe." I feel like I can't say that to my Brady right now. I just keep reassuring him that I'm there and that I love him.

The scan itself only took about 3-5 minutes and he wasn't sedated. Tomorrow we have to be at there at noon to meet with neurosurgery to get his stitches out, then go back for the second part of the MIBG scan at 1pm. Depending on the quality of the images, we may have to go back Friday, maybe not.

Please pray in the following areas (remember how much we appreciate these prayers!!):
1. Continued comfort and sense of security for Brady: The medicine continues to alter his personality and his ability to tolerate all of this stress well.

2. Safe travel for us in the snowy weather.

3. Peace of mind for Matt and I. There is SO much information out there. There are SO many stories of children who have survived NB, and many who haven't. We are scared and overwhelmed by the amount of info out there. Pray that God is leading us towrads the right treatment for Brady. There are options for treatment at a hosptial called Sloan Kettering in NYC. We have asked our doctors to consult with them, but we are constantly second-guessing that maybe we should just seek treatment there.

4. For our families and friends who are here joining us in this fight. In big ways and small ways so many people are stepping forward to help. Pray for all of those organzing help for us.


  1. Megan and Matt,
    Find peace in knowing Christ is carrying you through this battle. Rest in his arms and try to get some sleep for tommorrow. We are only expected to do one day at a time.
    Good Night,
    with love and prayers of peace,
    Deb Reding

  2. Hey guys,
    Prayers are going out now...I hope that the stitches come out quick and painless. And I pray that the scan goes so well today that Brady won't have to do it again on Friday!
    Hang in there, be blessed, and remember God is with you.

  3. Kelly Flores (Woodams)January 29, 2009 at 2:46 PM

    Megan and Matt,
    I just heard today about Brady and I'm so sorry you're family is going through this. If I can bring over dinner or run some errands, take the kids to story time, anything...let me know. My schedule is flexible so I can help with anything and everything. Please, feel free to call me Megan. Anything I can do. My heart is breaking today hearing about this.
    Kelly Flores(Woodams) 297-8082

  4. Praying for you and little Brady!


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