Monday, February 15, 2010

6 Days to Go!

The kids and I were busy today making preparations for our trip.

As I was folding and sorting clothes for the trip, Eli went and got his winter hat and coat. When I explained to him that in Florida it would be a lot warmer, he ran into his room and put on his baseball hat. He hasn’t worn it since last summer, but he remembered that he should wear it in the warm weather!


Allie was fascinated by the suitcases my mom dropped off for us. She would climb in them, then cry until I came a got her out!


Before dinner Uncle Andy and cousin Aubrey stopped by to let us a borrow a few Disney movies to prepare for our trip! After dinner we all snuggled up and had a great movie night…




Here is the movie we watched!   DSC_0402

Of course we hit fast forward during all of the scary “shark” scenes. The kids were still giggling at bedtime imitating the whale noises that Dory makes in the movie!

The weather report is looking up for next week! Mostly sunny skies and upper 60s to low 70s are what they are predicting now! Woo hoo!


  1. Great movie to get the kids in the mood. It used to be one of Paige's favorites. If you have a portable DVD player, I would take that with you on the plane to keep them entertained. I sounds like you will have a great time! Just being able to share and enjoy a specials tiem with the WHOLE family is a miracle and dream come true......Thoughts and prayers with you as you begin to prepare, prepare, and prepare some more! Enjoy! Heather

  2. Wow! How exciting! I remember taking my four kids West. We flew into NV drove 2000 mile through the Painted Desert, Grand Canyon and in CA to San Diego Zoo, Disney World, etc. The kids were 2, 4, 6, and 8. It was a memory of a life time and this will be a memory for you. Takes lots of pics so they can relive it many years to come.
    Love, Deb R.


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