Thursday, February 11, 2010

I've Been Keeping a Secret

I have news...BIG NEWS!
News that has thrown this house into a state of uncontainable excitement!

Brace yourselves...

Here it comes...

The Williams Family is going to Disney World!
This amazing opportunity is being provided by the Make a Wish Organization of Western NY. All children with a life-threatening illness are eligible for a wish, and we have known for sometime that Brady qualified. It wasn't until LAST WEEK that we learned that Disney was going to happen. AND it wasn't until Monday when we learned that we were officially going!
There's more! Are you sitting down?
We leave for Disney a week from Sunday!!! We will be there for a week and just typing these words gives me chills!
Details and arrangements are being finalized every minute between our Wish Coordinator and I. Have I mentioned the packing that needs to happen? Yikes!
And yes, we are bringing the grandparents with us so that we can actually have at least one adult per child and so that we don't lose a child or two along the way:)
So the secret is out! What can I say other than, God is good!
You don't ever anticipate the blessings that will come your way when a crisis hits your family. God's love for us is amazing, wonderful, and yes, sometimes surprising! When you come face to face with cancer and death, you realize that there isn't a guarantee on the birth certificates of the ones you love. In Brady's case, it certainly seems that the risks are greater, but in truth, each and every life is a fragile and precious gift.
My prayer is that this trip is a wonderful time to enjoy God's greatest gift to me here on this family!


  1. Woo hoo!!! Wonderful news Matt and Megan! I know that you will all have a great time, and I know you both give God all the glory for this wish come true. Prayers will continue for you before, during and after your trip, Hug Mickey for me Brady.

  2. Oh My God! Oh My God! Oh My God! That is SOOOOO amazing! Walt Disney World really is the happiest place on earth. I'm so happy for ALL of you. Just one question, do you have enough luggage for everyone? If not, I just bought a 4 piece set, 3 rollers and one duffel. I'll let you use it for the trip because I don't expect that we will be going to Poland until mid-late March.

  3. WOOT WOOT!! That is soooo exciting!! You are all going to have a wonderful time!!

  4. It's the happiest place on earth!!!! We have had some of best family memories there!!!!
    Love and best trip wishes...Janet

  5. What a wonderful gift!!! We are very excited for all of you! YEAH!!! Praying that you have a joyful, trouble free trip...

  6. I hope you get to stay at Give Kids the World. It is an amazing place with an ice cream store that is open from early morning to late evening. They have lots of things for kids - and parents to do.

  7. LOL...I totally thought that you were going to announce that you were expecting!! Can you tell what is on MY mind lately!!

    I am SO thrilled for you guys!! I pray that you will have a wonderful time and enjoy one another!!

    We just LOVE Disney and are going back in April. There is just something magical about that place!! Truly magical!!

    Safe travels and have a BLAST!!!!


  8. I, too, thought you were going to say you were expecting! Enjoy Disney. It's magical!

  9. Awesome! You guys so deserve a nice vacation. Enjoy!

  10. Congratulations Clan Williams. That is marvellous news.

    I hope you are Blessed with great health, great weather and capture memories to last a lifetime. Travel safely and we look forward to LOTS of pictures upon your return.

  11. OMG!!! Meg & Matt-I do not know a family that deserves this more than yours!! We took our kids for the Disney experience in 1992...ahhhh, they were 8 & 11 years old was THE vacation they STILL talk about!! May God bless you with safe travel, great weather, and no pukies! (Do you hear me Ally???!!) I too have lots of roll-able luggage if you need it-thanks to Avon!! GOG BLESS!! Cindy L.

  12. Enjoy! And take lots of pics to share!!!!

  13. Oh boy, I'm overjoyed for your wonderful surprise! It will be a magical time for sure and we can't wait to read all about your amazing experience. Praying that you can get everything ready without too much stress and that your family has the experience of a lifetime. I'm sure Stacey wishes she could go and be your personal tour guide!


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