Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Hairy Day All Around

 Wednesday is sometimes our adventure day, and today did not disappoint. Now keep in mind that what we consider an adventure would probably be a simple outing for some people. Mom and I keep our ambitions small and things usually go pretty smoothly.

Today we were headed to Ridge Road Station which is giant store selling train collectibles, toys, and holiday items. It wasn’t exactly the perfect place for a herd of 2 year olds with eager hands, but they did quite well with a few dozen reminders to “look with your eyes!” The real adventure happened on the way there…

Dear Allie hasn’t been on a long car ride since before Christmas. I had this great hope that perhaps she had outgrown the carsick thing. Just to be safe, I put the towel, washcloth, and bib on her in the car for the 35 minute ride. About 20 minutes in she started to get the all-too-familiar look on her face. She looks as though she is in a trance and has no color in her face. All of a sudden I looked  back and she was asleep. VICTORY!!!

Or so I thought…

About 3 minutes later, she woke up, started crying, and then threw up. It was the worst yet…it was everywhere. The bib system backfired, literally, and all that came out of her ended up all around her neck, the back of her head, and down her back somehow. We pulled over and I climbed in the back of the van, kneeling on the wet, slush-covered floor. I attempted to “wash” her hair with mom’s left over water in her water bottle. Now I had a stinky baby with wet stinky hair!

I got her washed up as best I could and off we went to the train store. Once we were there I took her in the bathroom and had a great idea to try and wash her up again, this time with soap! As I had her sitting there in the bathroom, her head “sudsed” up with hand soap, an employee of the store walked in. I was laughing inside, thinking that she probably thought I was probably some woman whose water had been shut off, so I decided to come and bathe my kids at the train store! Ha!

Here are the kids shaking hands with the police officer.


My little Barfing Betty!


Eli, Cara, and Brady checking out the great train sets!

 DSC_0266 DSC_0267 DSC_0268DSC_0269DSC_0271

Headed back to the van! I’m about 15 feet back trying to push the stroller through the slush! Hey Cara…whose hand are YOU holding?


After our adventure at the store, we headed to McDonald’s for lunch. Then it was home for baths, laundry, then haircuts! We are blessed to have a friend that comes to the house to cut the kids’ hair.

I’m pleased to report that Mr. Brady did not cry at all today for his haircut! This is the first time EVER that he didn’t cry throughout the process. He did keep this very concerned and skeptical about the whole thing throughout!

Cara with her hair all clipped up! She LOVES to get her haircut. She is so excited that she has a hard time sitting still!


Mr. Brave, but Skeptical! I love the way his little eyebrows scrunch up!

DSC_0281    DSC_0296

That was our day! Tomorrow is a stay-at- home-and-snuggle-up kind of day…


  1. That store looks like a blast! My kids would lose their minds in there, I think!

  2. OMG! Meg-I laughed soooo hard when I read tonight's entry! I can really relate to this story...I had a "puker" too...have you ever been in Will's Wallpaper store in Batavia? Well, there's a little space about 8x8 that's linoleum, the rest of the showroom is carpet...somehow my then-8 month old blessed me by letting it go on the LINOLEUM!! (There is a God!!) Yea, we did the carsick thing for...well, I won't tell you how long it lasted, but suffice it to say, he pretty much christened everybody's car he ever rode in!!! Gotta love em'!! P.S. My 26 year old daughter has a pair of boots almost identical to the one's Cara is wearing!! Some fashions are just ageless I guess!! My Tara bought them when she was living in Manhattan!!! HA!!
    Love ya- Cindy L.

  3. I laughed out loud!!!! I can only imagine the face of the employee that walk in during bath time. I am sure you would have explained, but what good would it have done by that point, she has already formed an opinion, Haha!
    The pictures are fabulous...I cannot imagine the snow...

  4. I've been by Ridge Road Station about a million times because it is not far from my in-laws. I've always wanted to go in there with Jack. How cool that you went! Looks like fun.

    Sorry Allie is still getting sick. I don't know how you handle these difficult situations so well. You're SuperMom! :o)

  5. PS Cara is looking so grown-up these days!!


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