Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Surprise!

Tonight I was running some errands and came home to see that the Make a Wish magic has started in our house! A package was delivered to our house for Brady! Now-it is quite hard to make this whole trip about Brady, so of course we are sharing all of the surprises with each of the kids. Yes, it is because of Brady that we are going, but this has been our whole family's journey, so we are making sure that no one feels left out and everyone is equaly spoiled!

The note inside the package said:

"I want to go to Disney and I want to go right now!
But the plane won't leave til Sunday,
So I'll have to wait, but how?
If I had a little package for each day I had to wait,
I think it wouldn't be as hard!
In fact, it might be great!"

Of course inside the box were 7 wrapped gifts! Matt opened one with the kids before bed and inside was a cute car with Mickey in it. What a thoughtful thing to do for these 4 excited kids!

Just 5 days to go!


  1. Excited kids? We are very excited for you all....and we live on the other side of the planet :)

  2. That is so wonderful!

  3. Hi Megan and family...I'm sooooo excited that the magic has begun for your family and that it has all worked out for you to go when it's good for you. The fun is only beginning...have a fantastic time!! Can't wait to see the pictures. Told you MAW would figure it all out for you---ENJOY yourselves!

    Ellen, Matt, Alli & Griffin Della Penna

  4. Too wonderful for words! I am just as excited to live this trip through your eyes. Thank you for being the sharing people that you are.

    I continue to pray for you all daily and I know that God has much in mind for his miracle boy. I hope you are able to keep us aware of the daily happenings.


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