Sunday, February 14, 2010


How do you go about packing for a family of 6? My strategy has been this. I'm considering every part of our day, and then considering what it will look like when we are in Florida. At first I started out thinking of everything we could need at Disney World. But I quickly realized I was forgetting things like bath supplies, overnight diapers, and blankets. So, I readjusted my strategy. My dining room table has become my hub for piling up clothes for each child. Of course there has been a considerable amount of shopping done since most of what the kids wore last spring/summer no longer fits them. As an aside, I'm s0 thankful for stores like Target and Kmart that are stocking spring items in the middle of winter. I used to roll my eyes at such mid-winter displays in the stores, but this year I am really grateful! The weather report looks a little dicey for Orlando next week, so now I'm thinking of layering and water proofing. No matter the weather conditions in Florida, they just have to be better than February in western New York...right?

The gift we are being given is hard to put into words. The Make a Wish Foundation is staying true to its' name...a family trip to the happiest place on Earth is a wish come true! I just can't wait to see the looks on the kids' faces when they see the Magic Kingdom! And we feel doubly blessed that we will be sharing this time with our parents. Even though they have to pay their own way, the Make a Wish Foundation has been amazing in providing discounts for their accommodations. Our wish coordinator has worked very hard to accommodate our large, yet young, family. One of the funniest things about our trip so far, is that we have a 17 passenger van as a rental car! I laughed all day long about that one! Apparently the 12 passengers were booked, so we will be piling into a big ol' van and riding in style to the resort! Ha!

I'll be sharing more details throughout the week. It is so fun to share our excitement with all of you! Can you imagine the pictures I will have to share?


  1. So excited for you guys, Megan! Please let me know if there is anything you need down here- strollers, pnp's- anything you don't want to lug down here with you!
    And you are right- the weather has been dicey lately, so bring lots of layers. I'm sure you will get some good weather but you'll also have some chilly mornings/evenings too!

  2. Hey Meg-One thing I would recommend: before you go, buy those cheapy rain ponchos you can get at the dollar store for everyone. When it starts raining (and it comes on very suddenly in FL sometimes!) everyone runs for the souvenir shops & pay a really stupid price to buy one with Mickey on them for their whole family. (Yea, we were guilty! One redeeming factor: we used them & used them & USED THEM for every thing from family reunions to football games after the vacation!!) They are a godsend when that rain starts coming down! another clue: altho the restaurants are pricey, they were worth it over the fast food stuff in the park. The fast food was pretty expensive too-and not very tasty in our opinion!

  3. I was going to say the same thing about buying the ponchos at the dollar store.

    Since you have a rental van, you may have an easier time stopping at Publix supermarket in Florida for diapers, shampoo, etc. They're conveniently located and all the extra luggage (especially now that they charge you) can be difficult.

    Have a very, very wonderful time!

  4. I'm so very excited for you. Disney is high on my to do list! We never did the Make-a-Wish, because Sean was too young, and then Scott died 8 months later, and I couldn't do it alone with the 4 little kids. You might want to invest in some harnesses. We call them Angel Straps, and the kids liked them. Little Scott went to Disney when he was 4yrs. and he didnt' want to lose Mom, and we used this. I see you have some helpers going with you, so you should be fine. I can't wait to see pics. You are also so lucky to have your parents to help! Have a wonderful time and God Bless! Love, Ellen


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