Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fine, We Did It

Rather than risk another potentially serious head injury, we bought toddler beds tonight.

I didn't want to.

I don't like new stages when it comes to the kids.

They are safe in their cribs (other than the falling out on their heads part). They look cute in their cribs. They have been in those cribs since the day we brought them home from the NICU. And most importantly...

They can't get out of their cribs (okay, so they *could* get out, but I mean not easily and without a considerable amount of risk-taking).

Those cribs represent a safe haven for my sweet little babies and taking them down makes it perfectly clear to this momma that my babies are growing up. Errrrrr....I don't like it one bit!

I was telling my mother in law of the numerous horror stories I've heard about the triplet-transition into toddler beds. Most of the triplet parents I read about online have to remove EVERYTHING from their kids' rooms other than the toddler beds. As you can imagine, giving three toddler-monsters the ability to get out of their beds while they are alone in their room is a sure-fire recipe for disaster!!?!?! Errrrrr....I don't like it one bit!

I will of course update you all as we make this transition. It won't be for a few days as we had to order Cara's bed online. So, I have a few more days to get used to this idea :)

An area for prayer: I have been doing a lot of reading about other NB kids like Brady (Stage III, intermediate risk) in the message forum I belong to. The topic of scanning schedules came up and I am surprised to learn that kids just like Brady have a more intense and thorough post-treatment scanning schedule than he does. For example, many kids are getting a MIBG scan done quarterly. If you remember, Brady had this test done diagnostically in those first few days. It involves being injected with a slightly radioactive substance that is taken up by areas active with NB. In some of the cases I've been reading about, urine levels have been normal despite a relapse being present. And in other cases, a relapse was only detected on the MIBG, not with MRI. So, you can imagine my uneasiness about only relying on MRI and urine tests. On one hand, I want to limit Brady's exposure to radiation, especially given how often he will need XRAYs because of his spinal deformity. But, I also want to make sure that we aren't missing something. Matt and I have been discussing this and trying to decide if we want to push the issue with our doctor and get more in depth testing done at Brady's next scan date (April.) Thank you for your prayers as we continue to deal with many post-treatment issues.


  1. Toddler beds! Oh I hear your pain and worry. You are lucky it has taken your trio this long to discover how to exit their cots (cribs). Ethan did that very early in his life so he was in a toddler bed from early on. That is why he had (and continues to have) NO lightbulb in the light in his room so when he flicks the light switch on and off, nothing happens. And that is why there is no door handle on the inside of his door so when he decides to try and exit the room at all ours of the night and morning, he can't. But he is just Ethan and that means cause as much terror as possible at all hours of the day and night!


  2. Good Luck!!! Mine just turned 2 and we are NOWHERE NEAR ready for toddler beds. I had to get crib tents... unfortunately once mine learned how to get out they proceeded to ransack their room and play in the toilet. Tents are good! I look forward to your next few posts! (Prayers for Brady too!)

  3. OH NO!! I too don't like stages changes when it comes to kiddos, especially the bed/sleep stuff!! Our youngest, Tommy is just about the same age as your triplets. And I am DREADING the day when we have to move him to a big boy bead! DREADING!!
    You are a brave women! But will survive!!

    As far as the decisions that you are facing with Mr. Bradys treatment and care, of course we will pray for guidance and awareness! I will say it again because it is the truth, you guys are the BEST advocates for Brady. He is one lucky little boy!!



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