Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

Thank you all for sharing in our excitement about our upcoming (and by that, I mean next weekend!) trip to Disney. This is truly a dream come true and a once in a lifetime gift.

Matt and I were laughing last night about our honeymoon trip to Disney. We had the BEST time ever, but throughout our trip we would complain about something that we just couldn't understand. After witnessing several toddler tantrums, watching parents struggle while trying to haul strollers on and off buses, and seeing the mob scenes that are the stroller parking areas outside of the rides....we wondered....

Why in the world would you ever take your small children to Disney?
It was then and there that we vowed...
We won't take our (future) children to Disney until they can go all day without a nap, aren't wearing diapers, and don't need a stroller...because those people are crazy!
Well, we aren't newlyweds anymore. Almost 7 years, 4 kids, and a whole-lot-of-drama later...we are taking our 4 napping, diaper-wearing, stroller-riding kids to Disney and couldn't be happier!!!
8 days to go!


  1. It's amazing how we change over time isn't it. Prayers continue.

  2. i am so happy for you guys!! you all really deserve this fun-filled vacation!!

  3. It's the passage of time a wonderful thing? Thank goodness we change our minds as we 'grown up'. I was telling my husband about your forthcoming trip and he looked at me with horrified eyes until I mentioned the magic words 'Grandparents' and 'One adult per child'. And then he smiled and said 'What a hoot! How much fun would that be!'


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