Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy Day and a Dinner Out

Today we celebrated a wonderful milestone in our family...Ron and Sandy's (Grandpa and Gradma's) 40th Wedding Anniversary. They were so kind to invite just Matt and I to dinner at the Red Osier. We sat, we talked, and we ate a fantastic was just great!

I had a few errands to run this morning while my mom was with the kids. I really love going into local places that I try and support when I can. I stopped in at our local Salvation Army store which I haven't done in years. I saw like 50 cars there and decided to see what all the hubbub was about! I just have to tell you that on Wednesdays they have a 50% off family sale (books, clothes, shoes). For $8 I left with a brand new dress that I saw at Target just a few weeks ago for Cara, two pairs of play shorts for the boys, and two DVDs for the kids! That place is truly a local treasure:) And you all know how much I love a bargain!

In other news, potty training continues and I think we have really turned the corner with Eli and Cara. They are doing just awesome and I'm so proud. We tried with Brady a little bit again yesterday and although I know he wants to be just like Eli and Cara, his readiness skills are just not there yet. I had a long talk with the pediatrician about Brady yesterday and she was so helpful. She reminded me that Brady, just like Eli and Cara, has his own timeline. It isn't going to be beneficial to let him keep trying before he is ready. By experiencing "failure" when he tries, this may actually make the process even longer. This was not something new to me, but I did think that hearing it come from her gave me a better perspective and helped me feel okay about backing off for a bit.

We have scheduled Brady's regular appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for July. We will be very anxious to see what, if any, changes have taken place with his spinal curve.

And...our camera is on its way back to the Nikon factory as we speak! It won't be long now:)

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  1. I wouldnt force Brady or even bring it up for that matter. Reilly is potty training. We have had the potty in the house for over 6 months and they knew what it was and I was just waiting for the day when one of them would ask to use it and Reilly did. The others ask and I bring them in there but they have no interest. Reilly does pee, however. I try to do things like that more on their own timeline, like your pedi said.


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