Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm Still Here

I've been terrible about blogging in the past few days. It seems as if the time just hasn't been available to sit down and do it. A few nights ago Matt was using the computer for a long time as he was trying to upload video of the kids from the past few months. In the past few weeks I have signed up to become a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant, so I've been busy getting that going. Keeping up with blog is important to me so I promise that I'll find time to fit it into my new schedule.

The kids are doing great~ We think we have made a decision on where they will be attending preschool in the fall. They are just changing and growing faster than I even though possible! Matt and I are realizing that in a few ways we have kept them babies for too long. In many ways that was done just as a means of survival in our world of 4 very small kids. The transitions from crib to beds and highchairs to the table have gone very well. It is now time to conquer the beast...potty training. I long for the day when I can claim that I potty trained triplets, but I dread all of these days in between. I think this is one of the times when I can honestly claim that having three at the same developmental level makes things SO much harder. In the next few days I'll be off to Target to buy underpants...lots and lots of underpants:) Keep this momma in your prayers as I will be spending the next few weeks and months in the bathroom for more hours than any reasonable person should. I'm also envisioning lots of time cleaning up after accidents. Can you sense the optimism:)

Today looks like a great day to get the camera out. Perhaps I'll be back later with some pictures!


  1. Hang in there, potty training is no parent's favorite thing to do. Athough they are the same age, it might help to pick who's most ready or interested and train one child first. I also recommend picking a nice day to start. Cleaning pee from your lawn is much nicer than cleaning it from your carpet. Good luck! :)

  2. As a Mum and now a Grandma I know that potty training can feel like a big deal. If you potty train during the summer months when it's warm and the kids can go around wearing very little it really does help, just as long as the potty is kept to hand. Good luck. Prayers for you all. Pam xx

  3. hey Megan-
    Just a tip, as Tyler just got done potty training a few months ago (and I know he's only one and it was difficult with just him...) but we tried pull ups for about a day and he would stand there and tell me he was peeing--so we skipped pull ups (except for nap and bedtime, of course) and went right to underwear--and he did really well; needed constant reminders for the first few days, just that he wasn't wearing a diaper, so he needs to tell me when he has to go (if you think of it, for their entire lives, they've been able to just stand there and pee...) but honestly, in about one week, he was good to go- just took constant reminders until he realized, and once he was wet a couple times, he realized much quicker!
    Good luck to you though!! :-)

  4. Hi. I just potty trained my daughter who is almost three years old. A friend recommended this

    At first I was a nonbeliever in the method as my daughter had shown NO INTEREST in using the potty. But, I swear to you it worked. The ebook is $25 and I couldn't find a used one anywhere, but it is well worth it. Since I used it, I have passed the info on to two other friends who have successfully potty trained in three days as well.

    Of course, I have never potty trained triplets. But, I agree with the other poster who said train one at a time.


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