Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrating Motherhood

To all moms, grandmas, aunties, sisters, friends, and everyone else who calls themselves a mom...

Happy Mother's Day to YOU!!!
Being a mom is hard work. Some days I want to quit this crazy job. Some days I wonder how in the world did I get to this chaotic and exhausting place in my life. There are even days when I wish for the quiet peace that I had in my life before I had kids!
But then I see a pile of shoes by my back door, long after the kids are tucked into bed, and instantly I feel a twinge in my heart that reminds me of just how wonderful it is to be a mom. To be their mom.
I'll never forget the advice given to me by a very wise friend of mine. When the triplets were infants and I felt little joy in the process of caring for them, she told me, "Don't wish it away." Don't wish it away? Who wouldn't wish that the days of mixing and washing 32 bottles a day would just hurry up and pass by? Who wouldn't want to skip right past the stages of dealing with temper tantrums, sibling fights, and potty training? Who?
A mom who one day realizes that those days are gone...that's who!
I strive every day to find m joy in the ordinary moments. Even though my kids are young, I can feel just how fast these moments are slipping away. With all of the changes happening in our house lately, I can sense this even more. So, I'm soaking up everyday moments, like when I'm sitting on the bathroom floor looking into the eyes of my three-year-old princess on the potty, who is telling me story after story about scary giants. These are the moments that make motherhood so precious.
I just loved this video that Kristen from We are THAT Family linked to on her blog today. It is sappy, but hey, mothers are sappy! I hope you enjoy...


  1. Happy Mothers Day Meg! -Love, Christina:)

  2. You are an AWESOME mama x3+1!!! Hope you had a great day!!!


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