Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's New with Brady

It's been a while since I've posted exclusively about our Brady boy. I guess no big news is good news, right?

Brady, along with his other two partners in crime, continues to become more and more independent every day. While he is not quite as advanced in those adaptive-type skills (dressing, undressing, toileting), he is making gains all the time. We continue to try and be keen to what he is able to do but doesn't want to, and what he truly needs our help with.

We continue to go to PT once a month to keep up with what he has gained in the last year. If you think that he has only been walking for 14 months, it is truly unbelievable to see what he is capable of. To the naked eye, you may not realize that his skills are not up to par with Eli and Cara. He runs, he jumps, he climbs...he does it all. But his run continues to be very low to the ground (and totally adorable in my opinion), his jumps are tiny jumps, and he works very hard to climb. There are still noticeable problems with balance and strength which leads to more falling than the others.

Despite all that---this boy sure does have strengths!!! He can throw and catch a ball unlike any other 3 year old I've seen! His new favorite thing is to punt balls around. Because he runs so close to the ground he is just amazing at turning tight corners while running through our house---so he is the best at getting away from someone who might be chasing him!

He hasn't mentioned any pain since that one day a few weeks ago. Matt and I also haven't noticed any differences in the way his spinal curve looks from the outside. We have our next appointment with the orthopedic doctor in mid July. We will have XRAYs done at that time and be able to compare them with those done 4 months previously.

His next scan date isn't until October which seems SO very far from now. Quite honestly I'm uneasy about waiting that long. Every day I read stories of relapse and I'm constantly balancing between worrying too much and staying mindful of the possible warning signs. He is doing a lot of blinking and kind of opening his eyes wide when watching tv, so I'll be mentioning that to the doctor soon. I'm thinking that I may request a brain scan in addition to his usual spine scans just because I like to put my mind at ease:) We will do a urine check sometime in July just as sort of an in between test.

Most of all it never gets old to see Brady just around the house being Brady. What a joy he is (90% of the time!), and we will never tire of celebrating God's goodness as evidenced in his little life:)

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