Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Big Little Girl

What's a mom to do when her baby is growing like a weed and almost the same size as her big kids?

Allison Elizabeth had her 18 month check up today. It's not my imagination that she seems bigger than most other kids her age. Nope. She's a big girl! Her height is in the 95th percentile and her weight the 74. And of course like a true baby of mine, her head is off the charts! The doctor still detects her heart murmur, but like the specialist said, it's nothing to worry about right now.

She wooed the office staff and nurses with her pigtails, especially when she roamed around in just her diaper. She also repeated a new word over and over again while we were waiting. Her new word...turtle! It kind of comes out "tuh-tal" but she pointed right to one in a book and said it clear as day. And then she said it again, and again...

Good news! The camera repair that we need is covered by the manufacturer since it has been less than a year when it was purchased. I have to send it back to the company, and once they receive it we will have it back in 7 to 10 days. I promise that Matt will keep the videos coming in the meantime!

Here is another video from our Disney trip. We were at the Crystal Palace having lunch with Pooh and friends. If you remember, Eeyore is Brady's favorite character and it was hilarious to see him starting messing around with him.


  1. What a nice video! It makes me want to gather up Will and Sam and head to Disney World right now.
    Thoughts and prayers...

  2. Love the video of Disney...didn't realize how much Allie looks like Cara until I saw the video. Prayers continue daily for you all.


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