Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Love Having This Blog

I know that I haven't been as consistent lately with blogging, mostly because I've been really busy and things have been somewhat uneventful around here. That being said, I'm just so blessed to have this blog! I love that I can share a piece of our life with all of you and that you so kindly give me advice, encouragement, and support! Not even just in your comments online, but when I bump into at a store or see you at is so nice to know that people are reading and care about our family enough to share these experiences of life with us. And yes, I have received more potty training advice than any other topic in the history of the blog!

I had a Tastefully Simple party last night and tonight, so I've been away from the kids for two evenings in a row. I love the flexibility of this job though, and I feel great knowing that they are home with Matt if I am gone:)

Potty training continues with Cara and Eli who are both doing great! The triplets went with Grandma and Grandpa for the morning to visit Great Grandma and they stayed dry during the 1 hour car ride each way! They are using potties out in public quite easily and we are so proud! Brady is starting to show an interest, mostly because I think he finally feels a little left out. Perhaps the peer-pressure approach will work for him.

Matt is working to upload some videos from Youtube of the kids' birthday party. Hopefully he will add them to the blog tonight or tomorrow. So instead of pictures, you may get video!

UPDATE: I just can't seem to embed the video right into the blog tonight, but I'm going to share a link to a Youtube video that Matt uploaded. It is from our Disney trip and shows Cara meeting Alice in Wonderland. She was so excited that she just flapped and flapped her hands the whole time!

I hope that you all have a great weekend!


  1. If the situation arises that I bump into you at the grocery store or at Church, we'll know one of us is a seriously long way from home :)

  2. I am so glad that you blog...Since, I live too far away to bump into you and the fam! Love your heartfelt posts and honesty! Oh...and you are tops in the cute kid category!


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