Monday, May 17, 2010

My Computer and I are Out on the Town

I thought I'd check in and say that I'm still here! I'm sitting right now in a coffee shop with my laptop trying to accomplish something. In a little over a week I'll be speaking to my MOPS group for our final meeting of the year. I feel so humbled to be in a position to share with these amazing women about my life, my faith, and how they both have become so interdependent. I absolutely needed to get out of the house in order to clear my head and be able to really say what I think God wants me to say. When I'm home there is always something else demanding my time. Even when I find the time to sit and work on something, the thoughts of needing to clean something, fold something, or find something weighs on me so heavily that I can't think straight!

So I escaped for a few hours and feel a little bit like a college student sitting here among all students! Matt and I used to spend hours in the local coffee shop during our college years. He would study and I would study (actually I would just sit there and try my best not to distract him!)

I continue to try and get the problems with the camera resolved. I have heard no response to my email to customer service, so tomorrow I call!

And a potty training update! Cara and Eli continue to do pretty well! We tried to start with Brady Sunday...and after several sessions of sitting him on the potty for 45 minutes at a time, it just seems like he isn't ready, or doesn't want to be ready! We aren't the type to start something and not see it through, but we just aren't sure how to proceed with that little boy. Oh the trials of toddlerhood.

Tomorrow is Allie's 18-month appointment at the doctor. Wait a minute! That means she turned 18 months old at the beginning of this month! Oops! That one snuck up on me!

Well, back to my project! After all, it's 8:30pm and I'm getting sleepy!


  1. my triplets are 7 now, but when I potty trained them, they were 3 years 1 month old. I did Brianna and Matthew 1st starting in December. Ryan told my he wanted to stay a baby and wear diapers. So every so often I would ask him if he was ready to be a big boy and he would always say no. All of a sudden in July he said he was ready to be a big boy and trained in one day. Give Brady time there is no rush and he will let you know when he is ready. Otherwise you will just be stressed out.

  2. Jacob told me he would use the potty when the snow melted...I tried and tried b-4...I would promise tractors and trips and just about anything to get him to try..He would tell me " no way jose"...then one day in april when all the snow was gone...I found him standing in front of our potty actually using it...I said Good job jake...he said " Mom - I told you when the snow was gone I would go"...He was 3 and 2 months. I tired to get him interested for 8 months! It just stressed me out and didnt phase him. I was sure I would have to put Pull UPs in his backpack for Kindergarten:)

  3. Meg, I will be praying for you this week and most importantly on Tuesday. I know that God will use you and give you the words to speak that will touch our moms lives in a way that don't even know. I am looking forward to hearing you share your life and faith! As for the potty training....if you do push, you don't get the results you want--in my case--but like our dr. said, "She will not go to kindergarten in diapers." It took longer than I thought or wanted, but for her it was just when she was ready! Keep the faith!



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